Jul 032015
Breed Airedales - Get Airedales

by John Donnelly……. An un-awakened consciousness, triggers all manner of mayhem and confusion. I’m not startled by the acts of horror, violence and degradation that are committed by human beings. There aren’t any limits to the violence and pain that an individual will inflict upon another; after they’ve been brainwashed, duped and deluded via an [more…]

Jul 032015

Dear Editor, Having been disgraced, seriously injured and punished for his mistakes; at what point in time shall a man be forgiven? Perseverating upon another’s imperfection is the mark of a weak and enfeebled individual, fearful that their own flaws and shortcomings may be called to light. For many years Randy Acevedo served the children, [more…]

Abundant Gratitude

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Jun 262015
Abundant Gratitude

by Mary Susan Axberg… In October of 2014 an article was published in “The Blue Paper” written by my late husband’s dear friend John Donnelly. Your decision to publish his story produced a miracle in my life. The article highlighted my husband, Robert Axberg, and his meritorious service to our country as a United States [more…]

Jun 192015
Irish Need Not Apply

by John Donnelly……. I grew up around a lot of cops. Most adult men in my neighborhood were employed as construction workers, firemen or police officers. Many of these individuals were tough, hard drinking and athletic. They were identified via their Irish Heritage, Catholicism and love of America. They took their jobs seriously, while excelling [more…]

Jun 122015

by John Donnelly……. The tree planting project along US 1 in Key Largo is absolutely magnificent. Strategically placed in an especially creative and effective manner, these beautiful natural barriers have significantly decreased the nighttime headlight glare, which has blinded many drivers traversing this stretch of highway. In addition, these native plantings providing shade and a [more…]

Jun 052015
"Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's"

  by John Donnelly……….. Something happened on the way to Key West. My mind was stretched in a new direction. It was different; nice and smooth; welcoming and unafraid. Kind of like that ‘Rocky Mountain High’ taken to verse by John Denver. My spiritual condition had been suffering of late. I had been too busy [more…]

Mar 062015
Tasers and Force Unnecessary in Securing Unwilling Young Buck

by John Donnelly… Please allow me to acknowledge and describe the magnificent manner in which Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputies Dave Campbell and Frank Delgado addressed a delicate and threatening situation on Barracuda Boulevard in the Anglers Park Subdivision of Key Largo. At approximately 4 PM, I observed a muscular young man behaving erratically along US 1. [more…]

Feb 272015
A Short True Story--Based Upon An Actual Event...

by John Donnelly Explosively erupting from head and face wounds, the blood created a slick surface upon the instruments delivering the blows. A mixture of cascading flesh particles and fluid descended onto the concrete floor. A slick red glaze pooled within the area of contact, destabilizing the movement of these assailants. Scurrying about, the frenzied [more…]

Get Me A Tissue…

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Jan 232015
Get Me A Tissue...

by John Donnelly A pampered society, which rebukes the notion that character building, spiritual growth, self-esteem and gratitude are developed and advanced through one’s personal struggles, has set out to insulate our children and citizenry from the normal patterns of growth acquired via facing and mastering difficult situations. The ‘nanny state’ has conditioning the populace [more…]

Jan 162015
"World Worshippers" Proffer Dissociative Paradigms...Promulgating Despondency & Angst...

by John Donnelly Good and bad, corrupted or “effective crisis management”, terrorist or freedom fighter; choose your flavor, they’re all expressions of a ‘relativism’ that’s an intricate mixture of culture, conditioning, economics and evolutionary stature. One’s ‘conscience, instincts and intuition’ are integral attributes enabling us to establish a foothold, as we gradually progress towards a [more…]

Jan 092015
Florida Senate Examines Police Brutality & Excessive Use of Force...

by John Donnelly How many times have FDLE Investigators discovered evidence that indicated a law-enforcement officer had committed a crime? On how many occasions were ‘criminally deficient cops’ brought to trial and found guilty? The following excerpts (In bold black print) were taken from a brilliantly authored document that was prepared by Chairman Allison DeFoor’s [more…]

Dec 192014
Dismantling A Nation--To Protect Rogue Agencies & Individuals...

by John Donnelly… In accordance with my scientific training and the evidence that I’ve been able to review, as it relates to the ‘in-custody death’ of Charles John Eimers, along with my personal experience investigating and remedying a law-enforcement cover-up, as well as my conversations with an insider from the State Attorney’s Office; it is [more…]

Dec 122014
The Sun Is Always Shining.....

The duality of nature, with its accompanying ‘yin and yang’, have caused me pause. Through the years I’ve sought measures that would allow me to more effectively process these complimentary, yet opposite, realties. As a young child in the South Bronx my grandmother pierced through these metaphysical philosophies with a clear and pointed revelation: “When [more…]



“There are 8 million stories in the ‘Naked City’”.  Illuminating aspects of a man’s life, whose selflessness knew no trepidation or constraint, is chronicled in the accompanying story. Approximately 45 years ago, I had the honor and privilege to meet an extraordinary human being.

Shine Your Light—Make It Bright…

Shine Your Light---Make It Bright...

The first line of defense against incursions upon our rights and liberties, are law-enforcement officers. Members from policing agencies either protect and serve the citizenry, adhering to a legal and professional standard of conduct, or from the onset, denigrate and deny an individual their Constitutional and God given rights. Just because the violence or intrusive [more…]

Kindred Acknowledgements–Spur Curiosity, Intellect & Optimism…

Kindred Acknowledgements--Spur Curiosity, Intellect & Optimism...

Anguish and struggle are  a part of life.  It doesn’t mean that we are doing something wrong or need to be saved. If we’re willing to acknowledge that these experiences are integral components of life, the fear and despair associated with these states of mind can be eliminated. Focusing on exterminating or avoiding any mood, [more…]

Rose Garden Betrayal…Odious Symbolism…

Rose Garden Betrayal...Odious Symbolism...

Since commenting on an article published in ‘The Blue Paper’ by Dennis Reeves Cooper entitled: “The Prisoner Exchange: He Did What?!” on June 8, 2014;  I’ve closely monitored events surrounding the issues I addressed. I was determined to modify or correct my statements if necessary. As the Bowe Bergdahl saga unfolds, it appears the accuracy [more…]

Conditioned Minds–Attract Duplicitous Ideologies…

Conditioned Minds--Attract Duplicitous Ideologies...

Since man’s inception, the drive for wealth and power has been intrinsically woven into the species. Many of the world’s movers and shakers are possessed with an inflamed primordial drive, requiring expression via “whatever means necessary”.  The weak and feeble are often recruited to serve as mouthpieces for those ‘calling the shots’. Some government policy [more…]

More Open Debate On Free Roaming Cats In Refuge Areas

More Open Debate On Free Roaming Cats In Refuge Areas

Dear John, Here are my responses to your latest letter. I think there are several issues here we can agree on and find ways to insure that those issues are adequately addressed. I share your concern that all animals, both wild and domestic, be treated humanely. But I reiterate the need for all responsible pet [more…]

Injuring Innocent Felines

Injuring Innocent Felines

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, through its Crocodile Lake National Wildlife Refuge in North Key Largo, has instituted an aggressive domestic cat trapping policy. Cat hunters are baiting traps and snaring these creatures. FWS staff were directed to “cooperatively interact” with  “affected parties” prior to launching their cat trapping agenda. Furthermore, all decisions reached [more…]



In 1770, Crispus Attucks, a black man, became the first casualty of the American Revolution when he was shot and killed by the British in what became known as the Boston Massacre. Mr. Attucks sensed that his hope and dreams to one day live as a free man, might best be realized with the revolutionaries [more…]

Spiraling Towards The Abyss vs Pax Romana

Spiraling Towards The Abyss vs Pax Romana

Rome wasn’t built, nor destroyed, in a day. Over time there was a break down in the culture, consciousness and structure that made them viable. Their empire fell apart, never to regain its greatness. The forces that destroyed the Roman Empire are alive and well in the United States. It’s reflected in the cultural decadence [more…]

Spiritualized Curriculum–Promotes Cures, Solutions And Positiveness

Spiritualized Curriculum--Promotes Cures, Solutions And Positiveness

“In the vault of the mind lies all the chains of bondage, as well as the keys to freedom” –Paramahansa Yogananda. Unwilling to teach truth and wisdom, we’ve been ‘dumbed down’ to a point of dependency upon our overseers to manufacture the reality they’ve engineered for us. “We’re not a wisdom society–we’re a knowledge society; [more…]

Amateurish Governance—Distasteful And Dangerous…

Amateurish Governance---Distasteful And Dangerous...

An analysis of the government’s ineffectiveness when it comes to protecting its citizens from terrorist attacks, provides us with a record of gross misconduct, incompetence and inefficiency. Intelligence gathering failures by the government are voluminous. Misuse and abuse by the political appointees heading up these bureaucracies are alarming. Since the Islamic militants declared war on [more…]

Government Is A Weapon Of Mass Destruction…..

Government Is A Weapon Of Mass Destruction.....

“The practices of arbitrary imprisonments have been, in all ages, the favorite and most formidable instruments of tyranny.”–Alexander Hamilton. The following is based on information that was anonymously presented to me, by an unknown author. I’ve researched and studied the data, putting it together for the purposes of this column. Some sections of this article [more…]

Indoctrinating Children—Disables And Confuses Them…

Indoctrinating Children---Disables And Confuses Them...

As a young child I was wisely instructed that: “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but names can never hurt you”. As this empowering information was reaffirmed by my teachers, I cultivated a tenacious resolve that shielded me against the unkind things that would inevitably be said to me throughout my life. Frequently frolicking [more…]