letter to the editor
Letter to the Editor:
Sheriff Rick Ramsay and State Attorney Dennis Ward never forgot the brutality of a murder committed upon beloved VFW Post 10211 Auxiliary Member, Mary Bonneville.  Their collective determination, relentless effort  and integrity of purpose recently secured the arrest of the alleged murderer.

For the last 4 years Sheriff Ramsay, State Attorney Ward and their extraordinary investigators left no stone unturned as they diligently pursued, procured and scientifically assessed all evidence related to Ms. Bonneville’s murder. Their deliberative and steadfast criminal investigation provided the definitive data necessary to make an arrest and proceed with the prosecution of her alleged murderer.

This was a difficult case to solve, as post Hurricane Irma damage  provided an opportunity for the “roofers from hell” types to descend upon the Keys and victimize those in need of home repair and landscaping  assistance.

The murder victim was a 70 year old lady who loved her country and the veterans that served and sacrificed to preserve her way of life. She exhibited love, compassion and kindness to everyone that crossed her path.

Ms. Bonneville was particularly generous and uplifting towards those who needed a helping hand. Unfortunately, her benevolence and graciousness may have triggered the predatory interests of the  criminal element that had descended upon us post Hurricane Irma.

Mary Bonneville was a dear friend. I was consumed with tracking down her killer. Sheriff Ramsay and State Attorney Ward deserve our deepest thanks for unraveling a complicated and difficult case, so that Mary’s murder might be equitably resolved.
John Donnelly
Key Largo

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