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Hurricane Evacuation: “House Bill 587 is a murderous document…”

To The Editor:
Re: Florida House Bill 587–Extending Required Hurricane Evacuation Time From 24 hours to 30 hours.
I’m troubled by a recent newspaper article entitled “Bill could lead to Keys build-out”. I voiced my concerns to a renowned attorney specializing in “land use matters”. For years we’ve  aggressively battled against the incestuous and destructive relationship that exists between over-development and government officials.
Living and experiencing the enormous destruction resultant from multiple Hurricane Strikes in the Florida Keys over the course of 49 years; simply put, referenced House Bill 587 is a murderous document that will cause those in support of it to have blood on their hands.
I was surprised to read the details and explanations that went into justifying support of this lethal and fecklessly senseless bill, which will cause so much harm to our Florida Keys and place the lives of its residents at risk. If approved, this bill will expedite and finalize the eradication of our “fragile aquatic ecosystem”. Our homes, businesses and neighborhoods will fracture under its weight and devolve into a “wasteland”.
Unremittingly, we’ve been made to absorb the continual destruction of our most sensitive environments, via an unrelenting and injurious assault exacted upon us by excessive building.  Reckless damage to, and scarification of our “Areas of Critical Concern” and “quality of life”, have been unceasing.
During our extended and dangerous hurricane season, with  burgeoning resident, transient and tourist populations; citizens will die as they hurriedly attempt to escape the impact of our catastrophic storms. Boating communities and the thousands of families living in flooded and at near sea level built homes, will panic as they look to escape via our cluttered and “only road” with its 42 bridges.
It’s my hope that the Florida Legislature will do everything within its power to “kill” this bill. If some legislators attempt to extort, coerce or pressure their colleagues to get this bill approved; please resist their corruptive persuasions and maintain the integrity and high calling upon which you took your oath of office.
Please do not back nor agree to support this destructive undertaking. You’ll never forgive yourself if you do.
John Donnelly, Master of Science & Purple Heart Recipient

Key Largo, FL 33037

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