THE ROGOS: No Longer A Cautionary Tale…

Photo: FEMA/Crystal Payton hurricane flooding
Photo: FEMA/Crystal Payton

Guest Editorial by John Donnelly

There’s a steady stream of compelling scientific research and evidence that identifies in detail the deleterious and destructive impact that 900 Additional ROGO Building Allocations will have upon the Florida Keys.

Consulting with my attorney and a plethora of hurricane evacuation experts, I was collectively informed that, in their opinion: “Administrative Law Judge Suzanne Van Wyk got basic facts incorrect” when she ruled in favor of granting 300 ROGO units to each of the three Monroe County cities seeking them. It seems the health and welfare of Florida Keys’ families are disposable, as once again the strangulating grasp of authoritarian rule and over-development have coalesced into a tyrannical force to be reckoned with.

The fragile aquatic ecosystem upon which our lives, children, communities and businesses are dependent for protection and survival cannot withstand the harmful impact of additional ROGO allocations; sanctioned by corrupted politicians and an obtuse and myopic court ruling.

This judge’s decision implicates and increases the chances of lives being lost, residents injured and cataclysmic property destruction to occur during a rapid evacuation order preceding a hurricane strike. The inevitable governmental declarations that will force a quick and swift escape from the approaching danger of an ever strengthening hurricane looms large over Monroe County. Bolting from our domiciles as directed, fleeing from the tiny string of low-lying tropical islands we call home, will be complicated with  unnecessary fatalities and injuries if this errant court order isn’t vacated.

Safely evading a wobbling and oscillating Category 5 Hurricane will be near impossible, because of decisions being made by seemingly indifferent, ignorant and unaware city/county commissioners, along with an ill-informed judge.

Reasonable and rationale individuals making an honest analysis of the crazed over-development trends taking hold of our islands, quickly realize that our Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Area of Critical Concern designations are being systematically dismantled and shredded.

Over population, densely constructed housing projects and chronic traffic jams are the pre-requisites and red-flags of the lethality to come from compromised and discredited hurricane evacuation plans predisposed to failure.

Authoritarian malfunctions and aberrant court rulings, are the metastasized precursors of servitude and suppression required by one’s overlords.

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One thought on “THE ROGOS: No Longer A Cautionary Tale…

  1. Sloan,

    It was good to hear from you. Hope things are going well.

    The way I figure it Mother Nature (The Creation) has allowed for the “Individual Free Will” that comes with our “Species”, to be assisted in its expression via instruments such as the Bill of Rights. The spirit of a corporation makes itself known and is manifested through the levels of consciousness of the individuals that supervise and control said corporation. Artificial Intelligence will be birthed by human beings. The goodness and ill-intent of such technology will be determined by the level of consciousness possessed by the inventors and innovators of such enterprises.

    Utilizing identity politics, judgments, pre-conceived ideas and biases in your accounts and descriptions of events significantly weakens your perspectives and points of view.

    Colors don’t kill. Ethnicities don’t kill. Religions don’t kill. Individuals kill. An individual’s character or lack thereof is the source of injurious and self-defeating behavior.

    The ugliness of ignorance, greed and most importantly the lack of any real/authentic education in the United States perpetuates hate, discomfort and violent conduct.

    There has been considerable environmental harm inflicted on the Florida Keys for quite a while. At this point in time I believe my efforts to protect The Keys are a rear guard action. As I press forward, in the company of some very courageous warriors, my hope is that something will materialize that will shake and awaken the populace to the need of coalescing with Mother Earth/Nature; if we want to survive.

    As you know, for every action there is a reaction. The continued abuse being inflicted on and in our Environment must be addressed by our Planet. The virulence of the toxins being regularly deposited without much thought into the World’s land, waters, rivers, lakes and reservoirs has reached a tipping point.

    Mother Earth is gasping for relief and survival. It’s seeking to heal and replenish itself. Perhaps even to rid itself of the perpetrators of its pain and suffering.

    Nothing of any real accord has been done to substantial improve the American Public School system. Lifting a child’s consciousness up with “How To Live” classes based on the “Wisdom of the Ages” via instruction that includes Self-Realization and Self-Actualization instruction can be integrated into all subject matter throughout the day.

    Students love it and look forward to involve themselves with activities that are actually improving their lives.

    The world can be changed one student at a time. Teaching in a Maximums Security Prison for Criminally Insane Adolescences taught me the value of emphasizing the aforementioned instructional approaches I just shared. Miracles occurred before my very eyes.

    I did not depart from what worked when I entered the Public School System. Meditation and the Positive Thought of the Day were activities that were embraced by my students ages 12 to 21 each day.

    It birthed success in students who had been abandoned by the mainstream. And so many years later I continue to see how they expanded upon the rudimentary seeds of my effort. Their stories and achievements are absolutely miraculous.

    Individual souls, along with their awareness and developed consciousness; and most importantly free will, are the driving and birthing forces behind all the evils, malfeasance, hate, name calling, anger and violence in the world.

    However, Let’s not forget the Goodness, Love, Courage and Steadfastness residing in each individual. These Instruments of The Almighty bring/trigger Peace, Joy, Happiness, Creativity and Comfort.

    Their perseverance and ingenuity provides solutions, answers, accommodations and resolve to get their work done.
    Sloan, along with many other brave souls, this is group I believe you fall under.

    Blessings & Respect

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