Photo: FEMA/Crystal Payton hurricane flooding
Photo: FEMA/Crystal Payton

Guest Editorial by John Donnelly

There’s a steady stream of compelling scientific research and evidence that identifies in detail the deleterious and destructive impact that 900 Additional ROGO Building Allocations will have upon the Florida Keys.

Consulting with my attorney and a plethora of hurricane evacuation experts, I was collectively informed that, in their opinion: “Administrative Law Judge Suzanne Van Wyk got basic facts incorrect” when she ruled in favor of granting 300 ROGO units to each of the three Monroe County cities seeking them. It seems the health and welfare of Florida Keys’ families are disposable, as once again the strangulating grasp of authoritarian rule and over-development have coalesced into a tyrannical force to be reckoned with.

The fragile aquatic ecosystem upon which our lives, children, communities and businesses are dependent for protection and survival cannot withstand the harmful impact of additional ROGO allocations; sanctioned by corrupted politicians and an obtuse and myopic court ruling.

This judge’s decision implicates and increases the chances of lives being lost, residents injured and cataclysmic property destruction to occur during a rapid evacuation order preceding a hurricane strike. The inevitable governmental declarations that will force a quick and swift escape from the approaching danger of an ever strengthening hurricane looms large over Monroe County. Bolting from our domiciles as directed, fleeing from the tiny string of low-lying tropical islands we call home, will be complicated with  unnecessary fatalities and injuries if this errant court order isn’t vacated.

Safely evading a wobbling and oscillating Category 5 Hurricane will be near impossible, because of decisions being made by seemingly indifferent, ignorant and unaware city/county commissioners, along with an ill-informed judge.

Reasonable and rationale individuals making an honest analysis of the crazed over-development trends taking hold of our islands, quickly realize that our Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Area of Critical Concern designations are being systematically dismantled and shredded.

Over population, densely constructed housing projects and chronic traffic jams are the pre-requisites and red-flags of the lethality to come from compromised and discredited hurricane evacuation plans predisposed to failure.

Authoritarian malfunctions and aberrant court rulings, are the metastasized precursors of servitude and suppression required by one’s overlords.

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