Nov 242017
ETHICS VIOLATIONS / “It's all Danny's fault if we lose.”

They lost. And he was off by over $2 million plus 333 other errors. by Rick Boettger……. Commissioner Danny Kolhage’s share of the $15+ million in reporting errors made by the most recently cited four county commissioners rung up with $20,000 in fines by the Florida Commission on Ethics was “only” $2,254,648, putting him a distant third to Heather Carruthers’ $7.4 million and David Rice’s $4.5 million.  But Kolhage was easily in 1st Place in errors of form, omitting 24 addresses and 309 entries on [continue reading…]

Nov 242017
Three Arrested in Drug Related Homicide/Robbery in Stock Island Trailer Park

Three men have been arrested in the fatal stabbing and robbery incident that occurred in a Stock Island trailer park on Friday, November 17. This week, detectives charged Rory Hank Wilson, 49, of Stock Island, Franklin Tucker, 46, of Key West, and John Johnson, 39, of Marathon, for their alleged roles in the stabbing death of Mathew Bonnett, 59, and the armed robbery and knife injuries to 53-year-old Paula Belmonte. Police say the stabbing was related to a crack cocaine deal and occurred during the [continue reading…]

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Nov 242017
Davidson: "A joint meeting of the affordable/workforce housing committee and the school board should be convened immediately."

by Captain Ed Davidson……. Some elements in the Schools Administration are unenthusiastic about providing Affordable Workforce Housing directly, and are broadly unknowledgeable of the issues as well — and were starting off half-cocked with practically no awareness of the vast amount of professional-grade work the county-wide Affordable Housing Advisory Committee (on which I had served for more than a year as the School Board designee) had already accomplished. So I decided to pay them a visit Tuesday afternoon [November 14th] when housing issues were workshopped: “For the [continue reading…]

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Nov 242017
No, the End of "Net Neutrality" is Not the End of the World (Wide Web)

by Thomas L. Knapp…….. I get lots of email, including email from political advocacy groups trumpeting the Impending Doom of the Month. This month, that doom is the coming end of “Net Neutrality” at the hands of the Federal Communications Commission. “Donald Trump and his corporate cronies are about to destroy the Internet,” writes Eden James of Democracy for America. “[FCC chairman Ajit] Pai is paving the way for monopolistic ISPs to block and censor what we see online, and push anyone who can’t pay [continue reading…]

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Nov 242017
New Book Explores Key West's Jewish History

Sand Paper Press announces the release of Arlo Haskell’s new book, The Jews of Key West: Smugglers, Cigar Makers, & Revolutionaries (1823-1969).  Leading scholars praise The Jews of Key West as a groundbreaking addition to regional and Jewish histories. Bancroft Prize-winning historian Robert D. Richardson says, “Haskell’s new book uncovers in fascinating and vivid detail the story of the immense impact the Jewish community has had on the basic culture of Key West.” Rabbi Lance J. Sussman, an expert on American Jewish history, praises Haskell’s “deep research and [continue reading…]

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Nov 242017
For Sir Robert Antoni

For Sir Robert Antoni Troubles recovered are victories won as any struggle provides the hope of continuing on. We were there when “there” was then as here and now, our names remain, when all is done, beyond the gloomy stare of judgment’s sun. The trampled weed, the fallen tree, let us feel survival’s thrill as we finish all the odds and ends we had begun and still engage in what we share: a single chance at life’s deep need to give or get, not just [continue reading…]

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Nov 242017
The Key West Poetry Guild is Proud to Present Our Ongoing Open Mic Series

1st Sunday, Every Month, 7pm December 3, Open Mic Featuring the work of Arida Wright Arida Wright, President of Powerlines Healing by the Sea Ministries lives her philosophy of self-empowerment, which for her is a lifelong mission of spirituality. She is a Minister of Metaphysics and a Traditional Reiki Master. Arida is a columnist with Key West The Newspaper (The Blue Paper). Her work has also been published in the Key West Citizen. An example of Arida’s poetry will be featured in Key West Laureate, Flower Conroy’s upcoming anthology [continue reading…]

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Nov 242017
"Mandy / A Trans Woman's Journey to Key West"

by Sheri Double Dee, Strange Brew Radio……. Life is a series of changes….. sometimes you know what direction you are heading and at other times you must go with what is in your heart. Mandy Murray tells her story of change, in her own words, something that many are afraid to bring to light. As a straight woman I have the same fears as Mandy and I was able to relate to her anxieties of being a woman. How do I dress, does it look [continue reading…]

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Nov 242017
Marine Zoning Presentation December 6th

Chris Bergh, The Nature Conservancy’s Director of Conservation for South Florida, will present “Marine Zoning Works for Me” on Wednesday December 6th beginning at 6 PM at the Bottle Cap Lounge, 1128 Simonton Street. Learn how zoning protects and sustains resources in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. The meeting is sponsored by Last Stand, admission is free. The Nature Conservancy and Last Stand have joined a group of environmental organizations to better educate the public about the upcoming revisions to the management plans for the sanctuary and [continue reading…]

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Nov 242017
Today is the Last Day to Register for FEMA Assistance After Hurricane Irma in Florida  

You have until 11:59 tonight, Friday, Nov. 24 to register with FEMA if you have damage caused by Hurricane Irma—in Florida—between Sept. 4 and Oct. 18, 2017.   How to register: Online at Call the FEMA Helpline at 800-621-3362 for voice, 711 and Video Relay Service (VRS). If you are deaf, hard of hearing, or have a speech disability and use a TTY, call 800-462-7585. Help is available in many languages. Helpline numbers are open 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. EST, seven days a week. Information is available in ASL at: Download [continue reading…]

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Nov 242017
FEMA Has Provided Nearly $53 Million to Monroe County Irma Survivors

Monroe County homeowners and renters impacted by Hurricane Irma have received nearly $53 million in assistance for housing and other recovery needs from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Here is a fact sheet regarding assistance provided to Monroe County residents: Since Hurricane Irma struck on Sept. 10, FEMA already has provided $52.9 million in grants to Monroe County homeowners and renters for uninsured damage to their primary residence and serious losses related to Hurricane Irma. About 15,700 Monroe County households have received FEMA grants, which [continue reading…]

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Nov 242017
Fatal Scooter Crash Wednesday

A 32-year old New Hampshire woman was killed Wednesday night when a scooter she was riding skidded and fell into the path of an oncoming truck on North Roosevelt Blvd. The crash occurred November 22 at 5:25 p.m. when a group of three scooters made a right turn out of the Marriott Beachside. The last scooter was driven by Casey McCormack, 32.  Lindsey A. Degon was his passenger. As McCormack made the turn into the roadway, he lost control of the scooter and he and Degon fell [continue reading…]

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Nov 242017
Things I've Found to be Thankful for in 2017

by Thomas L. Knapp……. It’s that time of year, and like most of you I’m planning on a big meal and a lazy afternoon as America celebrates yet another Thanksgiving. Naturally, I’m also thinking back over the previous year and looking for things to be thankful for. I’ve found some. Here are a few that aren’t about family, spiral cut ham and so forth: I’m not thankful that Donald Trump is president of the United States, but I am thankful that he hasn’t blown up [continue reading…]

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Nov 242017
How to Stop a Rogue President From Ordering a Nuclear First Strike

by Thomas L. Knapp……. On November 15, US Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) and US Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) introduced  one of the shortest bills in the histories of their two parliamentary bodies. Shorn of the obligatory “be it enacted, blah, blah, blah” boilerplate, the bill’s content comes to 14 words: “It is the policy of the United States to not use nuclear weapons first.” It’s a short bill and it’s a good bill, but it could be made both shorter and better by eliminating the [continue reading…]

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