Nov 242017
ETHICS VIOLATIONS / “It's all Danny's fault if we lose.”

They lost. And he was off by over $2 million plus 333 other errors. by Rick Boettger……. Commissioner Danny Kolhage’s share of the $15+ million in reporting errors made by the most recently cited four county commissioners rung up with $20,000 in fines by the Florida Commission on Ethics was “only” $2,254,648, putting him a distant third to Heather Carruthers’ $7.4 million and David Rice’s $4.5 million.  But Kolhage was easily in 1st Place in errors of form, omitting 24 addresses and 309 entries on [continue reading…]

Nov 242017
Three Arrested in Drug Related Homicide/Robbery in Stock Island Trailer Park

Three men have been arrested in the fatal stabbing and robbery incident that occurred in a Stock Island trailer park on Friday, November 17. This week, detectives charged Rory Hank Wilson, 49, of Stock Island, Franklin Tucker, 46, of Key West, and John Johnson, 39, of Marathon, for their alleged roles in the stabbing death of Mathew Bonnett, 59, and the armed robbery and knife injuries to 53-year-old Paula Belmonte. Police say the stabbing was related to a crack cocaine deal and occurred during the [continue reading…]

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