Marine Zoning Presentation December 6th

Chris Bergh, The Nature Conservancy’s Director of Conservation for South Florida, will present “Marine Zoning Works for Me” on Wednesday December 6th beginning at 6 PM at the Bottle Cap Lounge, 1128 Simonton Street. Learn how zoning protects and sustains resources in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. The meeting is sponsored by Last Stand, admission is free.

The Nature Conservancy and Last Stand have joined a group of environmental organizations to better educate the public about the upcoming revisions to the management plans for the sanctuary and refuges in the Florida Keys.

“Marine Zoning protects natural resources and lets people play and work on the water while zoning out the most destructive activities like large vessel traffic, oil drilling and dredging. Improving it is one of the main reasons for the ongoing Sanctuary Regulatory Review Process” says Bergh.

Bergh’s talk will highlight several ways that improving the existing network of marine zones will protect fishery spawning grounds, improve water quality and promote coral reef restoration. Key initiatives to support the positive impact of marine zones are better education of boaters and enforcing existing rules in the Sanctuary.

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Last Stand has been formed to promote, preserve and protect the quality of life in Key West, the Florida Keys and their environs with an emphasis on the environment. To learn more visit

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