Three Arrested in Drug Related Homicide/Robbery in Stock Island Trailer Park

Three men have been arrested in the fatal stabbing and robbery incident that occurred in a Stock Island trailer park on Friday, November 17.

This week, detectives charged Rory Hank Wilson, 49, of Stock Island, Franklin Tucker, 46, of Key West, and John Johnson, 39, of Marathon, for their alleged roles in the stabbing death of Mathew Bonnett, 59, and the armed robbery and knife injuries to 53-year-old Paula Belmonte.

Police say the stabbing was related to a crack cocaine deal and occurred during the robbery of a “tree house” residence. One man and two women were reportedly living in the “tree house” located in a trailer park on Laurel Avenue.

Detectives say the three men planned the robbery after hearing there might be a large amount of cash in the home.

Paula Belmonte, told investigators she was in bed Friday just after 8 p.m. when the two suspects showed up at her home. She said Wilson and the other suspect held her and a male friend who was visiting her at knife point. Wilson allegedly slashed her throat with a knife.

Belmonte, who later picked Wilson out of a photo line-up, said she was able to recognize Wilson [who she said she knows as “Detroit”] by his voice and by the way he walks, even though he was wearing a mask during the altercation, said Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Becky Herrin.

The homicide victim, Mathew Bonnet, 59, was reportedly just trying to help out his neighbor when he was killed.

Johnson drove Wilson and Tucker to Belmonte’s place in his truck and waited for them outside, according the Sheriff’s Office. Tucker and Wilson, then allegedly went inside, reportedly dressed in black and wearing masks on their faces.

According to reports, Tucker and Wilson encountered Bonnett as they fled the scene. They got into an altercation and Bonnett was allegedly stabbed by Wilson multiple times. Bonnett was later pronounced dead at Lower Keys Medical Center.

Johnson, who was reportedly sitting outside in his truck, fled the scene when he saw someone running and yelling for police.

Charges against Wilson include one count of murder and two counts each of  robbery while wearing a mask or hood and robbery with a weapon.

Tucker was charged with one count of felony murder, two counts of robbery, two counts of wearing a mask while committing a felony, three counts of aggravated battery. [He was additionally charged with tampering with a witness, accused of threatening someone who was cooperating with detectives in their investigation.]

Johnson was charged with felony murder and with two counts of robbery.

All three men remain at the Monroe County Detention Center on Stock Island under a no bail ruling.

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  1. Maybe I am wrong but I do not feel safe on Stock Island. We view it as a high crime area and just lock doors and would never stop on it for anything. We do feel safe in old town as long as not more than 3 blocks off Duval St..

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