This page is updated daily: ONE ADDITIONAL DEATH: FDOH’s report today shows 1 additional Covid-19 related death in Monroe County. There have been 52 deaths to date. NEW CASES: FDOH’s report today shows 14 additional cases of Covid-19 was confirmed for Monroe County yesterday. The cumulative case count is now 7,106. (102 of the 7,106 cases are associated with outbreaks in longterm care facilities and 119 cases are inmates or staff in a Monroe County Detention Center.) After adjustments, cumulative case counts, by location, include 12 more in Key West, 1 more in Key Largo and 1 more in Stock Island.

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This page is updated daily. The FDOH report shows 14 additional cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in Monroe County yesterday. After adjustments the cumulative case count is now 4,010. (81 of the 4,010 cases are associated with outbreaks in longterm care facilities and 60 with the Stock Island jail.)  After adjustments, increases in cumulative case counts by location include 1 more in Key West, 6 more in Key Largo, 3 more in Tavernier, 1 more in Islamorada, 1 more in Key Colony Beach, 1 more in Sugarloaf, 1 more in Ramrod, 1 more non-Florida resident. The youngest newly confirmed resident is 2 years old and the oldest is 79 years old. 

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This page is updated daily. 37 NEW CASES / 1 ICU BED AVAILABLE in Monroe County hospitals (it is at Mariners Hospital).

NEW CASES (case data as of July 19): FDOH reported 37 new cases of COVID-19 in Monroe County in this morning’s report. Two cases previously confirmed have been removed from the Monroe County list due to residency elsewhere in Florida.  16 of the individuals confirmed yesterday are Key West residents (now 373 total), 7 are Key Largo residents (now 140), 3 are Marathon residents (now 92), 2 are Big Pine residents (now 22), 1 is a Tavernier resident (now 82), 1 is a Long Key resident (now 3), 1 is a Ramrod Key resident (now 2), 4 cases have not had residency established as yet (now 60). Of the 37 new cases only 1 is over 65  – a 66-year-old man. 23 individuals are 40 years or under with the youngest being two toddlers 2 and 3 years old. 13 individuals are between 41 and 64 years old. 

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