Mar 062015
Police Body Cameras: Will Officers Use Them? And When?

Video by Arnaud and Naja Girard… Is it just us or does it look like the officer throws the woman in front of the dashcam as soon as he sees his partner pummeling the man on the ground?   DID YOU LIKE THIS STORY?  SUPPORT THE BLUE PAPER Help us continue to bring you local investigative journalism…  Click on the image to make a donation [NOT tax deductible].

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Mar 062015
Fantasy Financing Part 2

by JD Adler….. March 3, 2015, the City Commission of Key West met for five (5) hours. First on their agenda was a presentation by the Tourist Development Association and the Market Share Company in response to recent public concerns which did not allow any questions or comments to be heard from the public. The Commissioners themselves were able to discuss the topic, though this discussion primarily involved members of the local government, elected or employed, as the presenters were only able to reiterate points [continue reading…]

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Mar 062015
GUEST COLUMN: Two Anniversaries in Black History

by Reverend Dr. Gwendolyn D. Magby…. Since 1976 the United States has recognized February as Black History Month.  Since 1948 February 1st has been recognized as “Freedom Day” because it was on February 1st that President Lincoln signed the joint congressional resolution that authorized the 13th Amendment which ultimately prohibited slavery in the United States, obviously one of the most significant dates in black history in America. (February is also the birthday month of Abraham Lincoln and his friend, the great abolitionist Frederick Douglass.) This [continue reading…]

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Mar 062015
Featured Artist: Perry Frantzman in Cuba

Perry Frantzman is a professional Key West artist who has traveled the world and worked with other acclaimed artists.  Recently he went to Cuba, these images are from that trip.  The description below is from Perry’s  website where you can see more of his work.  Click on any image to see it larger. Forty years ago, Perry was drawn into photography using his 35 mm SLR. He started out with black and white processing his own photos in his parents basement dark room. What started [continue reading…]

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