John Donnelly
by John Donnelly…
Please allow me to acknowledge and describe the magnificent manner in which Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputies Dave Campbell and Frank Delgado addressed a delicate and threatening situation on Barracuda Boulevard in the Anglers Park Subdivision of Key Largo.
At approximately 4 PM, I observed a muscular young man behaving erratically along US 1. Bare-chested and shoeless, it appeared that his menacing and unusual conduct  might cost him his life; or be the cause of a fatal vehicular accident, as vehicles were abruptly diverting their steering patterns in order to avoid striking him.
The quick, alert and rapid response by Deputies Campbell and Delgado to this crisis spared this man from being seriously injured. In fact, it may have saved his life.
The poised, calm and respectful intervention by Deputies Campbell and Delgado defused a potentially volatile situation. Their patient and dignified; yet firm demeanor, stabilized and secured this individual. Wisdom, self- restraint, sound judgment and decisive action by these deputies characterized the incident that unfolded before me.
In keeping with the high calling, standards and training set forth by Sheriff Rick Ramsay and Captain Don Fanelli; the conduct of Deputies Campbell and  Delgado reflect great credit upon themselves and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department.

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