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Oct 022015

by Bud Navero……. Imagine retiring after thirty years of teaching and deciding to keep your hand in and pick up a modest income by subbing in the local schools. Anyone who’s been to school knows the travail that can accompany being a substitute teacher. Nevertheless, the idea that someone with outstanding professional credentials would be [more…]

Oct 022015
Cudjoe Regional: Is the BOCC Uninterested in Inconvenient Facts?

by John Prosser……. Before the June 10, 2015 BOCC meeting, I delivered two letters to the BOCC at the Marathon Government Center building in envelopes marked “Agenda Item J1 & Agenda Item J2, Public Comment.” Working people have no opportunity to speak when Board meetings are in the middle of the week and the middle of the [more…]

Oct 022015
Screwed, Blu'd and Tattooed by Reef Perkins... continued

Screwed, Blu’d and Tattooed by Reef Perkins ***Present*** Later that night, after counting his four-hundred dollar jackpot for the eighth time, Blu stole a license plate off an old Yugo parked ass-in near a Guzzle gas station in South Miami. He tweaked the stolen plate onto the Ford then reclined, thumbed through his wad for [more…]

Sep 252015
Good Morning Florida Keys with Jenna Stauffer Featuring Popular Drag Queen Sushi

As many locals and CNN news watchers already know, Key West’s beloved drag queen Sushi is synonymous with a glittering red shoe and the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve. The popular queen gets up close and personal with Jenna. “What A Drag” exhibit going on at the Custom House Museum until December!

Sep 182015
Good Morning Florida Keys with Jenna Stauffer Featuring Will Soto and Mallory Square Sunset Celebration

The sunset celebration at Mallory Square is a must-see event for virtually every visitor to the island city. Will Soto helped nurture its development into the internationally recognized “happening” it is today – and his photographed silhouette, standing on the high wire against a blazing sky and the waters of Key West Harbor, became an [more…]

Sep 182015
You're Invited to Take a Peak at Reef Perkins' Hilarious Collection, "SCREWED, BLU'D AND TATTOOED (and other stories)"

Alright guys.  Ready to LYAO?  Here’s a sneak peak just for you BP readers:  Reef Perkins’ hilarious collection of short stories… “Screwed, Blu’d and Tattooed.”    Join us!! Screwed, Blu’d and Tattooed by Reef Perkins “Two roads forked in a wood.   I don’t care what roads do in private.   I turned and headed back. It was cold. [more…]

Sep 182015
The Machine is Not Your Friend!

by Ray Jason……. The sailor within me was concerned. But the poet within me was delighted. This was no ordinary squall that was approaching from the north. It was so gray and dark and menacing that it looked like molten lead as it churned across the bay towards me. So I slipped behind a small [more…]

Aug 212015
What Could Possibly Go Right?

by Ray Jason……. One of the great joys of my sea gypsy life is the ease with which I can alternate between solitude and camaraderie. Scattered about the Archipelago of Bliss are many friends living on the shore or on their own islands. They often invite me to come and anchor near their home and [more…]

Aug 142015
The Archipelago of Bliss

by Ray Jason……. It’s early morning down here in the Banana Latitudes, and I am savoring the languor of the Tropics. Sitting in the shade, with my back against the mast, I notice a small cayuco emerge from a nearby creek and steer directly towards me. Suddenly it feels like I have been swept back [more…]

Jul 312015
Water Quality Disaster: Whistleblower Accuses Department of Health

by Bud Meaker and Arnaud Girard……. A whistleblower claims the Department of Health (DOH) has turned a blind eye for years on thousands of gallons of sewage that has been seeping into Florida Keys waters. “It’s their duty, their legal obligation under Florida Statutes to monitor the performance of all on-site sewer systems in the Keys, [more…]

Jul 242015
The Code of the Sea Gypsy Tribe

by Ray Jason……. This is the conclusion of my short trilogy dealing with the Sea Gypsy Tribe in a post-Apocalyptic scenario. In order to understand it, I would encourage you to take a few minutes and read my two prior installments entitled The Stranger Arrives and The Shattering. ******* Hello again, Stranger. Our medical volunteers [more…]

Jul 172015
The Shattering

by Ray Jason……. This is a continuation of my fictional depiction of one possible Collapse scenario. If you have not read my previous essay, “The Stranger Arrives,” this new one will not make much sense to you. So it would be best to read the previous essay here and spend a few minutes with that piece. [more…]

Jul 102015
The Stranger Arrives

by Ray Jason……. Welcome, Stranger! We are the Pelican/Slocum Sea Gypsy Tribe. I am currently our Spokesperson – a position that rotates regularly in our clan. Congratulations on surviving The Descent and the Shattering. While you are regaining your strength, we will provide you food, water, shelter, medicine and perhaps most importantly – emotional comfort [more…]

Jul 102015
WWD (World Water Dilemma): Part 2

by Kim Pederson……. Gizmodo recently posted an article by Annalee Newitz titled “NASA: We Are Going to Europa.” The piece features a short video from the agency called “Alien Ocean: NASA’s Mission to Europa.” Ostensibly, the goal is to gather information on the liquid ocean beneath the moon’s frozen exterior and determine, if possible, if [more…]

Jul 102015
Key West Art & Historical Society Staff Member Celebrates 15 Years of Service

On July 10, Key West Art & Historical Society’s Gerri Sidoti celebrates fifteen years of service with the island’s oldest non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve the culture and heritage of the Florida Keys. Sidoti has “played a fundamental role in helping craft the Society’s identity, reinforcing its commitment to the mission and giving [more…]

Jul 032015
Uncle Bobby's Magic Sofa

Thanks to MC COUSCOUS and BRIA ANSARA for allowing us to share their incredible music video:  ‘SLOW DOWN’ [IF YOU’RE STILL ON THE HOMEPAGE: Click on the headline above and the following links will ‘come to life’. FACEBOOK   YOUTUBE    WEBSITE

Jul 032015
Tony Yaniz Reelection Bid District IV

Four years ago my neighbors and friends suggested I seek the District IV Commissioner seat. Together we formed a coalition of families, senior citizens, Key West youth and workers and identified a Fresh Approach platform: Accessibility and Transparency. I’ve listened and worked hard and learned. I strongly believe I have kept the promises I made [more…]

Jul 032015

by Kirby Congdon……. My readers are younger and want to be au currant. Heaven and hell are bribes or threats for them and they dismiss the two categories as uneducated and dishonest references. This still leaves us with “God” to relieve us of the inexplicable, the uncontrollable or the unbearable. The term God is almost an [more…]

Jun 262015
Introducing the Secondhand Smoke Citizens Advisory Board

by Dorothy Harden… Did you know that in 1985, Florida became the first state to strip local governments of the ability to adopt laws that restrict smoking in public places and workplaces? Preemption of tobacco control issues is the tobacco industry’s #1 legislative goal. The industry knew that if local governments adopted smoke free laws for [more…]

Jun 192015
Midsummer’s Night Dream & Spectacle

Midsummer’s Night Dream & Spectacle event at Fort East Martello welcomes all in its co-creation. On Saturday, June 20 from 5-11 pm, historic Fort East Martello will be transformed into a magical world where all are invited to discover their dreams and creativity in celebration of Midsummer’s Eve. The family-friendly Midsummer’s Night Dream & Spectacle—co-produced [more…]

Jun 122015
Sister Season Fund Survivors Save-the-Date June 28

Sunday FunDay Needs People, Prizes Sunday Fun-Day, the 38th annual Survivors Party, is set for June 28 from 2 till 6 p.m. at Rick’s Bar, upstairs. Sister Season Fund, Locals Helping Locals, will again host this traditionally fabulous afternoon of food, entertainment, raffles and, historically, one of the biggest silent auctions in the Keys. Volunteers [more…]

Jun 122015
A Night with the Greens; A Night of Debauchery & Mayhem [June 12th]

Larry Baeder Joins The Greens for Sister Season Fund-raiser  Backspace Friday June 12th The Sister Season Fund helps wait staff, cab drivers, cooks, bar tenders and other locals employed in the tourist-related industries. Most hard-working individuals, who represent the infrastructure of Key West’s tourism, do not receive employee benefits and suffer tremendously when emergencies strike. [more…]

Jun 052015
Apartment Hunting in Key West Can Be Full of Surprises...

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..   Nina and Naomi Newton go apartment hunting with mom in Old Town Key West. What they find keeps them laughing for days….