Mar 202015
Genesis of the Keys Coalition

by Tim Gratz, Program Policy Chair, Keys Coalition… It really all began eight years ago this month. That is when the movie “Amazing Grace” was released. “Amazing Grace” has a brief scene with John Newton, the former slave-trader who wrote the lyrics to what became the popular hymn “Amazing Grace” but the film really tells […]

Feb 192015
Film Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

by John Gish… A cultural bomb is going off daily at the Regal Cinema here. The just released “Fifty Shades of Grey” will forever change the sexual mores of America.  It’s a provocative, erotic drama of a hot, young couple embarking on what is known as a consensual, dominant-submissive sexual relationship, which is nothing new […]

Feb 192015
An Immodest Proposal

  by Michael Alan… What do you think of when you think of Key West? Watching the sunset with a Margarita in hand, relaxing on the beach, fishing, snorkeling, dining, and shopping would be at the top of many people’s lists. Some of us enjoy watching the Conch Train go by, counting the cruise ships, […]

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Feb 192015
Herman and Rod

by Ronnie Sands… One morning while pulling weeds at the base of Garrison Bight Bridge, I observed two joggers running in opposite directions. One remarked to the other, “Two ships passing.” Immediately I was transported back to the South Bronx many years ago. . . . My cousin Herman was at my housing project apartment […]

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Feb 062015
Good Morning Florida Keys with Jenna Stauffer featuring Wesley House Family Services

Wesley House Family Services will present its 32nd Valentine’s Gala on Saturday, February 14th, 6:30 to 9:30 pm, on and surrounding the elegant grounds of the historic Curry Mansion Inn, 511 Caroline Street. An annual favorite, the Gala raises money for multiple Wesley House programs that provide crucial support to child welfare and family preservation […]

Feb 062015
Shocking Information on Child Sex Trafficking Delivered at February 1 Rally

by Tim Gratz, Program Policy Chair, Keys Coalition….. On Sunday, February 1st Keys Coalition presented an anti-sex trafficking rally to a well-attended and attentive audience at Fifth Street Baptist Church. The rally was hosted by City Commissioner Teri Johnston. Also attending were her fellow Commissioner Tony Yaniz; School Superintendent Dr. Mark Porter; Nicole Rampos, Keys’ […]

Feb 062015

by Michael Alan I seemed to awaken and found myself near a dark wood. I could not think how I got there. A low growl rumbled from deep in the woods. I backed away as a large ghostly dog-like creature crept toward me. A figure appeared at my side and gave the animal such a […]

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Jan 302015
Good Morning Florida Keys Talks With Pat Croce

Videographer: Leo Martinez Good Morning Florida Keys, Jenna Stauffer, talks with Pat Croce, nationally recognized motivational speaker, bestselling author, founder of the St. Augustine Pirate & Treasure Museum and owner of six restaurants in Key West. His remarkable success as a physical therapist and pioneer in the sports medicine field and then as president of […]

Jan 302015
An Ode To My Little Ship

by Ray Jason… A cold front has lost its bearings and meandered all the way down to the Banana Latitudes. The evening chill is quite refreshing. In a celebratory gesture, I light AVENTURA’S kerosene lamps. Normally, they heat up the boat too much when I am south of the Tropic of Discontent. But tonight … […]

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Jan 302015

by Ronnie Sands… The first time I recall hearing of it was in the early ’80s when comic genius Richard Pryor set himself ablaze. My first physical contact with this particular vampire occurred not long after that. Since then I have smoked it with the lowest of the low, the people who eat out of […]

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Jan 302015
Local Military Spouses Win Spouse of the Year Awards

Military Spouse Magazine founded the Military Spouse of the Year® (MSOY) award in 2008 to honor military spouses of all ranks and from all branches of service. More than a million military spouses support and maintain the home front while our service members defend this great nation. The Military Spouse of the Year® award recognizes […]

Jan 232015
Action Jammie

by Ronnnie Sands They stole my Action Jammie (my state-of-the-art yellow Diamondback mountain bike) from my porch during the night. I had christened it Action Jammie on the day I purchased it two years ago from Island Bicycles. I wept openly in my wife’s Cheryl’s arms. She began to cry also when I told her […]

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Jan 232015
FIRM Expresses Support for Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty

In response to recent word that Gov. Rick Scott may be making a move to oust Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty, Fair Insurance Rates in Monroe [FIRM] made this statement: “Key West, Florida – January 21, 2015 – Fair Insurance Rates in Monroe (FIRM) has expressed its strong support for Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin M. […]

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Jan 162015

by Ronnie Sands Friday finally came, not just any Friday, but one of the so too few twice-a-month payday Fridays. So begins the ritual in my home. I hand over my paycheck to my wife Cheryl, who also doubles as the family accountant. Thank God for her gifted talents of paying the bills and going to […]

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Jan 092015
Good Morning Florida Keys with Jenna Stauffer Featuring Michael Halpern

Key West attorney and philanthropist Michael Halpern talks with Good Morning Florida Keys about his newest project, the Michelle Keevan Halpern Center for Learning. The Center will offer free academic tutoring and counseling to students who are at a risk of dropping out of school. It will also provide academic support services to both middle […]

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Jan 092015
Open The Driver's Side Door, Skippy

by Michael Alan I think it all started when we took Skippy to the car dealer in Miami for a minor recall. It was just a quick airbag-bolt torque but, in retrospect, it marked a turning point in our relationship. Now I can see the signs that I failed to notice at the time. Skippy […]

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Jan 022015
A Keys Christmas Tree Story

by Michael Alan I am sure you have noticed them lying there, alone and forlorn at the side of the road. I don’t know about you, but I feel a twinge of guilt as I pass by and wonder if it could have worked out differently somehow. Was there something I could have done to […]

Dec 122014

Robinson Jeffers’ short, prophetic poem, “Shine, Perishing Republic” is especially poignant if not palpable today. Readers can experience the unraveling of our 238-year old republic on TV, which didn’t exist 89 years ago when he published it. Talk about vision. Gonzo Journalist and activist Chris Hedges, America’s moral conscience today, recently chronicled the demolishment of […]

Dec 122014

Dear Ernest, I thought of you the other day as I drove down Whitehead Street and nearly ran over a family of tourists. They had stepped out from between the parked cars to take pictures of your house. Your brick wall is still there. I always like to speculate about the wall. Was it to […]