Sep 012017

by Arida Wright …..

Sea Dancing

Photo by Arida Wright, Fort Zachary Taylor  8/13/17

Toes in sand
inching into water
Seagulls squawking
Pelicans soaring
Fish swimming
Flies landing
Ants parading
Trees swaying
Divers diving
Beautiful sunshine
Worshippers linger
Puffy white clouds
Waves to jump over
Seaweed floating
Flip flops
Bikini tops
Bottoms lounging lazily
in chairs
Cruise ship
sails in
Heads hiding
under umbrellas
We’re all sea dancing
at the beach
on Sunday

Picnic tables
full of food
Barbeque grills
with blazing flames
Different dialects spoken
out here
Different skin colors
out here
No need for make up
out here
or nail polish
or false pretenses
or hate
out here.
A sincere tranquilizer
Except for:
Jet skies roaring
And helicopters chasing.
Towels to lay on
Cold soda to drink
To the right
couples kissing
To the left
children laughing
We’re all sea dancing
at the beach
on Sunday

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