Mar 222020

To best safeguard the community against the threat of COVID-19, Womankind will remain open only for services deemed “essential” – Family Planning and STD testing and treatment – per order of the State of Florida Health Department in Tallahassee. The center will add telemedicine when appropriate to facilitate social distancing, decrease the amount of patients coming into the clinic, and decrease the amount of time patients spend in the clinic when needing to see a provider.

“Every day brings new challenges,” says Womankind Executive Director Cali Roberts. “Our staff is working hard to keep things as normal as possible – with a lot of sanitizing and distancing added. We are constantly reviewing and adjusting as needed.”

To support community-wide safety measures, Womankind announces:

·      Patients with scheduled appointments will be notified if they should come to the clinic or prepare for a phone conversation with their provider.

·      Patients instructed to come to the center for treatment are asked not to bring anyone with them for their appointment. No patients will be allowed in Womankind if they have had a fever, cough, sore throat or difficulty breathing in the previous 14 days. Anyone who has had contact with a positive-COVID 19 patient or who recently traveled to a hot-spot location are asked to reschedule their appointment.

·      All bio-identical hormone replacement consultations will become telemed appointments.

·      Medication pick-ups should be scheduled by phone before coming to the clinic.

·      The Zonta Hearth Health program will be postponed until further notice. Any patient who has had their blood-drawn already will have their follow-up appointment scheduled as normal, possibly by telemedicine.

All patients are encouraged to check their birth control supplies and other medications to ensure they have enough to get through any Stay-at-Home orders that may be coming. Please call in to coordinate pick-up.

Womankind’s medical director, Dr. Kris Kennedy, and nurse practitioners, Vernadette Fisher and Carolyn Daly, “have gone above and beyond,” says Roberts, “being flexible and proactive throughout the pandemic.”

“Our practitioners are making sure our patients are getting the care they need,” she says. “Womankind is always at our best when times get tough.”

For more information, contact Executive Director Cali Roberts at 305-320-0608 or visit Womankind is located at 1511 Truman Avenue, across the street from Bayview Park, and is open Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.

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