March 23, 2020

Monroe County’s Chief Judge, Mark Jones, has issued an order restricting activities in courthouse facilities due to the Covid-19 state of emergency.

See Chief Judge Mark Jone’s official order signed March 18, 2020 HERE.

The Freeman Justice Center, Plantation Key Courthouse and Marathon Courthouse are closed to the general public, with the exception of those persons attending court for mission-critical proceedings, as well as persons needing to conduct business with the Clerk of Court and the State Attorney’s Office at the Plantation Key Government Center.

Court proceedings shall be limited to “mission critical” proceedings as defined in Chief Judge Mark Jones’ March 18, 2020 Order.

The order defines “mission critical” proceedings and further restricts those who can attend those proceedings to attorneys, litigants, witnesses, and essential personnel necessary to conduct the critical mission.

However, no one exhibiting systems consistent with Covid-19 infections or who has travelled internationally, or has been in contact with a person suffering form Covid-19 may enter court facilities under any circumstances.

First Appearances will continue to be held via video from Freeman Justice Center, the Marathon Courthouse, and the Plantation Key Courthouse to the Monroe County Detention Centers.

Criminal Arraignments will continue to be held in all three courthouse locations for incarcerated Felony and Misdemeanor defendants only via video from the jails. All arraignment dated for out of custody defendants will be rescheduled.

Those Ordered to Attend Ordered AA and NA Meetings are relieved of that requirement. Those individuals have been provided with an online option.

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