Super Sheriff Catches the Thief

Sheriff Rick Ramsay, Photo by Mike Mongo

by Arnaud Girard

Nothing escapes the eye of Monroe County’s top enforcer.

Today Sheriff Rick Ramsay spotted and stopped a red Ford Focus that matched the description of a stolen car.

Last month he sprang into action to assist a mother and her three small children when their minivan was struck by a runaway tractor-trailer tire rim.

This afternoon Sheriff Ramsay was driving northbound on US 1 on his way to attend an affordable housing meeting.

At the entrance of the Seven Mile Bridge he passed a red car.

What followed can probably only be understood by those who have spent their life in law enforcement: somehow the Sheriff identified that car, zooming in the oncoming traffic, as a vehicle reported stolen out of Iowa.

Ramsay makes a U-turn, radioes for assistance and takes pursuit.

He’s soon joined by Deputy Andrew Leird.

They stop the red Focus at the south end of the Seven Mile Bridge.

The driver whose name has not yet been released was alone in the car.

The driver was arrested without further incident.

“This was a classic case of being at the right place at the right time,” Sheriff Ramsay said. “I continue to remind deputies — as it’s a part of our training — to always stay alert and keep your head on a swivel throughout your shift, because you never know what’s coming your way. That being said, I’m very grateful that we were able to make a quick arrest and that this vehicle will be returned to its rightful owner.”


One thought on “Super Sheriff Catches the Thief

  1. Sheriff Rick Ramsay’s leadership style is ever consistent and extremely effective. He’s an accomplished law-enforcement officer, expertly skilled in all the tools of his profession.

    Sheriff Ramsay provides all of his deputies and staff with a model of conduct founded upon integrity, courage, respect and service to one’s community. His impeccable example, devotion and commitment, as to what it means to be an exemplary law-enforcement officer; are the building blocks and ethical imperatives established in all training programs his new deputies are required to master.
    Men like our Sheriff are rare. We’re lucky to have a Man of his Caliber leading the Sheriff’s Department.

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