Florida City Police Officers Turn In Fellow Officer for Fraudulently Misrepresenting the Facts…

FLORIDA CITY, Fla – The Florida Department of Law Enforcement arrested Ken David Armenteros, 37, a corporal of the Florida City Police Department, for two counts of official misconduct.

Armenteros, who was off-duty on the afternoon of Monday, September 13, 2016, and on his personal motorcycle, requested emergency back-up via the Miami-Dade Police Department’s 911 Center after a confrontation outside a known “drug house” in Florida City with a man who was later arrested by responding Florida City police officers.

A criminal complaint including allegations made against Armenteros by his colleagues was filed with FDLE.  FDLE’s investigation revealed that Armenteros materially and fraudulently misrepresented the facts leading up to and surrounding the request for back-up and subsequent arrest of Christopher Maurice Lewis on the official charging documents. The charges against Lewis were later dropped by the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office when the evidence of deception by Armenteros came to light.

Armenteros surrendered himself today to FDLE agents and was booked into the Turner Guilford Knight Detention Center. He will be prosecuted by the Office of the State Attorney, 11th Judicial Circuit.

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