Dec 222017

by Arida Wright…….

A landmark vote was passed at the BVRAC (Bahama Village Redevelopment Advisory Committee) meeting held December 7, 2017 at City Hall.

The BVRAC was established in 2008 by the City Commission. Their duties are to recommend to the CRA (Community Redevelopment Agency) projects within Bahama Village best suited for the use of redevelopment trust funds and to review applications from individuals and organizations eligible to receive TIF (Tax Increment Finances) funds.

Committee members that serve are: Chairman Aaron Castillo, Madam Vice-Chair Patricia Eables, Warren Leanard, Jethon Williams, Clifford Mingo, Ruby Rivas and Annette Mobley.

There were four applications submitted for review and this meeting was to determine which projects would receive funds. Chairperson Castillo expedited the vote stating, “I want to make sure all the funding gets distrib- uted in an equal manner to where everybody leaves here pretty happy.”

The Elks Lodge was awarded $19,000, Cornish Memorial AME Zion Church was awarded $38,268.21, American Legion was awarded $131,000 and 213 Petronia was awarded $32,350.00 respectively. It was an exhilarating moment!

Watching Chairman Castillo conduct this meeting was an amazing example of government taking care of its own and the leadership he implemented is to be applauded.

He reflected, “This is my community that I have lived in all my life. Preserving these projects is one of the reasons I stayed, to make sure that projects like this get completed.” Well done BVRAC!

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Arida Wright
Arida Wright, President of Powerlines Healing by the Sea Ministries lives her philosophy of self-empowerment, which for her is a lifelong mission of spirituality. She is a Minister of Metaphysics and a Traditional Reiki Master. Arida is a columnist with Key West The Newspaper (The Blue Paper). Her work has also been published in the Key West Citizen. An example of Arida’s poetry will be featured in Key West Laureate, Flower Conroy’s, upcoming anthology entitled Poets in the Garden, published through a grant by the Anne McKee Fund. Arida began writing poetry in the sixth grade and became involved with the Key West Poetry Guild by reading an original piece at their Celebration of Black History Poets program. She is also a professional event planner and loves to host parties for people.
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