‘Tis The Season, a Poem by Arida Wright

by Arida Wright © 2017…….

‘Tis The Season

Jesus is the reason

For the season

But once again

Santa takes center stage

So songs of Silent Night

Are used to sell diamonds

On Black Friday

Cyber Monday

So much emphasis on shopping

When many of us

Would rather spend our time worshipping,


Singing songs of praises, celebrating

Arms raised

I do not understand

All the emphasis

On a man who is a fictional character

And a real Jesus

Is the reason for the season

This is a time to grow close

Because angels are still singing

Songs of thanksgiving

So don’t get it twisted

Our Savior is to be uplifted

And this year for Christmas

I want to give children

A gift you can’t wrap

And put under a tree


And tell them of

The specialness

And the greatness

That lives inside them

The joy of knowing

The privilege of being

A precious child of the King

And on Christmas

His birthday,

We are reminded

Of His divine love

For He came from above

And that allows us here

To have Christmas cheer

And this is why

We go tell it on the mountain

We tell it on our jobs

On our Facebook page

At our church

We tell it with excitement

For this miraculous season

Jesus is the reason

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