Call For Proposals: Monroe County Seeks Innovative Housing Design Options to Replace Homes Lost in Hurricane Irma

More than 4000 homes in Monroe County were destroyed or majorly damaged by Hurricane Irma. The County is seeking vendor proposals to design and build four (4) different model, resilient code compliant prototype homes. These prototype homes will lay the foundation for affordable and resilient replacement dwellings for homes destroyed by Hurricane Irma. There are several state and federal initiatives in the County to assist homeowners with replacements using grant funding and other resources. The County will select up to four customized single-family home designs for specific lots. Innovation for resiliency is encouraged and the units will be evaluated on price and construction techniques to make the structure safe and better suited to survive future storms. The home designs must meet all applicable code requirements, laws and regulations.  Vendors are encouraged to submit unique approaches to minimize wind and flood risk, while providing safe, functional, and economical solutions.  The ability to provide mass production of units is also a factor. Proposals are due to Monroe County Purchasing Department by 3:00pm on September 25, 2018.  For full details on proposal requirements, reference on Monroe County’s procurement website.

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