Feb 272015
KWPD Snatch Purse Snatcher

Lights, Camera, Snatch! Press Release from KWPD: A missing front light on a bike resulted in the arrest of a man suspected of several purse snatchings. Michael Joseph Soraghan, Jr., 45, was apprehended during a traffic stop when an officer saw him riding with no light. The officer immediately recognized the suspect from a surveillance video that was taken during a purse snatching just hours earlier. Soraghan resides at the Keys Overnight Temporary Shelter. There were two purses snatched last night, the most recent in [continue reading…]

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Feb 272015

by JD Adler Spend 5 minutes in Key West and you will learn that there are significant economic issues plaguing the community. A handful of people own most of the businesses and/or property while the workforce struggles to find housing they can afford. This is an issue continuously debated, with little progress made. In fact the situation appears to grow worse over time. Recently, members of the local government have begun to take a more active role in attempting to alter the situation. They voted [continue reading…]

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Feb 272015
Corporations Pleasuring Themselves

by Rick Boettger… What are America’s corporations doing with their record profits, and why are their stock prices rising? The same answer to both: they are using their money to buy themselves. That is, they use their record profits and cash reserves to buy back shares of their own stock on the open market. Instead of giving their employees raises, building new factories, researching new products, or even paying dividends to their shareholders, they are taking back the shares of stock they issued in the [continue reading…]

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Feb 272015
The True Left

 by Jerome Grapel        This is part of a series of essays that were written in Spain last summer, when a totally unknown political entity called “Podemos” (we can) broke onto the political landscape, catching all the “literati” by surprise in the wake of the 2014 European Parliamentary elections. In less than a year, they have begun to outpoll the 2 traditional centrist parties in the country. They are the offspring of Spain’s version of the Occupy Movement, “Los Indignados”. Their leftist politics have [continue reading…]

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Feb 272015
Featured Artist: Nastasia Ogorodnyaya

Nastasia Ogorodnyaya is a senior at Key West High School. She moved to Key West from Ukraine this year. An extremely talented artist; she loves to paint using oils and watercolors. Influenced by her imagination and feelings, Nastasia’s works are expressionistic, utilizing color to show mood. Nastasia’s goal is to eventually become a self-sufficient artist.                

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Feb 272015
An Open Letter to Kathy Reitzel

Kathy: Congratulations! I understand that Thursday, February 26, 2015 will be the 5th anniversary of your suit against the Monroe County School District for wrongful termination. For many, it is a timely reminder of what you did and the importance thereof. For others, it is an opportunity to inform the new and uninitiated about the significance of standing up for what you believe. They say that justice delayed is justice denied and a good argument can be made for that. Fortunately for you, you engaged [continue reading…]

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Feb 272015
A Short True Story--Based Upon An Actual Event...

by John Donnelly Explosively erupting from head and face wounds, the blood created a slick surface upon the instruments delivering the blows. A mixture of cascading flesh particles and fluid descended onto the concrete floor. A slick red glaze pooled within the area of contact, destabilizing the movement of these assailants. Scurrying about, the frenzied aggressors struggled to secure a stationary position from which they could strike their target. Manically jostling with one another to get their licks in, they would not be denied an [continue reading…]

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Feb 272015
Rasputin Returns... As a Dog

by Michael Alan It has long been rumored that Rasputin, who was notoriously difficult to kill, never died. Just when we hadn’t heard from him for a while, Rasputin appeared in Key West. The story is confusing and complicated so I will try to break it down for you.The first thing you need to know is that Rasputin is now a dog… a French Canadian world-class German pointer dog. Should we be concerned? I will let you be the judge. “Why is he not in [continue reading…]

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Feb 272015
Big Money Lobbies to Pollute Environment

Florida’s Biggest Polluters Spending 13.8 Million to Pollute Politics St. Petersburg, FL – The owner of Buckeye Florida LP spent $13,800,000 on lobbying in a single year, according to a new report by Environment Florida. The enormous spending came after Buckeye Florida LP dumped 264,460 pounds of toxic chemicals into Florida’s waterways in 2012. Environment Florida released its “Polluting Politics” report shortly after the introduction of a House bill to block the EPA’s clean water rule to restore Clean Water Act protections to thousands of [continue reading…]

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Feb 272015
Libertarian Party of the Florida Keys files as a Committee with Monroe County SOE

2/23/15 – Key West, FL The Libertarian Party of the Florida Keys is pleased to announce that on Thursday, February 12th the Monroe County Supervisor of Elections accepted paperwork recognizing the group as an official political Committee. The LPFK will now be able to accept monetary contributions. Chairman Mike Kane adds: As government continues to grow exponentially, the Libertarian Party is working hard to stop it. The Party is the only one that advocates for fully eliminating the failed war on drugs (and innocent people), [continue reading…]

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