Libertarian Party
Libertarian Party

2/23/15 – Key West, FL

The Libertarian Party of the Florida Keys is pleased to announce that on Thursday, February 12th the Monroe County Supervisor of Elections accepted paperwork recognizing the group as an official political Committee. The LPFK will now be able to accept monetary contributions.

Chairman Mike Kane adds: As government continues to grow exponentially, the Libertarian Party is working hard to stop it. The Party is the only one that advocates for fully eliminating the failed war on drugs (and innocent people), drastically cutting taxes – thus giving people more money in their pockets to spend at their own discretion, and allowing people to live their lives peacefully – without the threat of force from other individuals. Filing as a Committee is simply the first step in achieving our goal: a limited government akin to what the Founding Fathers intended, and then having a conversation on how we can be even freer.

There is no limit to what a person can give to the Libertarian Party of the Florida Keys and contributions can be mailed to PO Box 582 Key West, Florida 33041. The organization has already received several hundred dollars in pledges and is welcoming donations from all.

The LPFK is keeping an eye on upcoming elections in Key West, Marathon, and Layton, and into 2016 as well. Anyone interested in running as a Libertarian candidate or becoming more involved is encouraged to reach out.

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