Where Did All The Chickens Go?

Have you noticed? There are less chickens roaming the streets these days. Where did all the chickens go?

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3 thoughts on “Where Did All The Chickens Go?

  1. Interested stuff. As a Raccoon, we take out a lot of their eggs. Delicious stuff…

    It’s my experience that very soon it could be a drought and you won’t see a lot of them for a few months or more. Welcome to the arrival of the hawks. Little and medium size chicks are a favorite delicacy of theirs too…

    If there is a pack of little chicks running around with a hen say out in the open at Mallory Square, you can bet within 30 minutes there will be almost no chicks runing around with momma…

    1. We had a raccoon at our house in the Meadows. I would go into the kitchen every morning to find that the cat food had been tossed all over. I couldn’t figure out what was doing it so I setup a deer cam that I had. Turns out there was a raccoon coming in through the cat door. We were fortunate that he was only eating the cat food.

  2. Other than they been a part of Key West do they actually serve a useful purpose ? What are they eating ? Do they perhaps actually help KW in any way other than free eggs ?

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