Arnaud and Naja Girard

May 132022
Water Quality: Are Fish Addicted to Key West Drugs?

A bonefish caught in the Lakes Passage just northwest of Key West harbor was found to have a schizophrenia drug in its bloodstream at a level 296 times the amount normally prescribed to a person. “It also had 8 anti-depressants at 10 to 300 times the human concentration,” says Florida International University (FIU) associate professor Dr. Jennifer Rehage. A week ago Dr. Rehage and FIU PhD candidate Nick Castillo shared the staggering results of a three-year study of the impact of pharmaceuticals on bonefish in South Florida waters with members of Florida Bay Forever in Islamorada.

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Jan 162022
Key West: Dinghy Beach Activist Says Marriott Beachside is Violating Her First Amendment Rights

“If they told the police that I was on “THEIR” property, they made a false police report,” says Christine Lininger. It’s January 7th, North Roosevelt Boulevard, in what has become a familiar scene: Key West police are detaining activist Christine Lininger as the Marriott Beachside hotel has once again called for her arrest.

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