What Kinda’ Monster?

A 39 year old Key West man is in jail after he was allegedly caught with a large amount of cocaine hidden in a “Cookie Monster” doll.

Deputy Orey Swilley was parked at 14th Street and U.S. One in Marathon just after midnight Wednesday when he spotted a black Dodge passenger car drive past.  According to Monroe County Sheriff’s spokesperson, Becky Herrin, the reason for the stop was that the license plate was obscured and the tint on the windows of the car was so dark he couldn’t see who was inside. Deputy Swilley pulled the car over at 73rd Street. Inside he found Camus McNair.

Herrin says Deputy Swilley could smell the odor of marijuana coming from inside the car when McNair rolled down his window. He then searched the vehicle finding a backpack. Inside the backpack was a blue “Cookie Monster” doll. Deputy Swilley noticed the doll seemed to weigh more than it should have. When he took a closer look he found a slit cut in the doll and inside the doll the Deputy reportedly found two packages containing a total of 314 grams of cocaine.

Paperwork found inside the backpack indicated the backpack belonged to McNair.

McNair was arrested and charged with trafficking in cocaine.


NOTE: Please remember all suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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One thought on “What Kinda’ Monster?

  1. Cops are always looking for a reason to pull a car over late at night and that is fine because it often removes a drunk driver. Cops know chances are very high of a DUI at late hours.

    Be smart and never have anything around your plate. Often the dealer puts one on advertising them. TAKE IT OFF

    Never have anything illegal such as darker than allowed tent, a light out.Even a simple plate light is enough reason to pull you over. Expired tag etc.

    Take a simple look at this case and the real reason is the hour of night. The cop had all he needed with the tag covered and a guess is 50% have them. As far as the tint that is crazy because even with no tint at night you can’t see the driver. Drug dealers always do stupid shit that gets them pulled over. If your hauling drugs you don’t smoke a joint and don’t drive at such an hour. But thanks to a smart cop we got a drug dealer in jail.

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