May 182020

Judge Timothy Koenig has set a scheduling/briefing conference for tomorrow at 2:00 pm in the case brought by Key West business owners Jonathan and Jessica Haim, challenging the constitutionality of the county’s roadblocks.

In response to the county’s announcement on Sunday, May 17, 2020, of plans to reopen to visitors and suspend the checkpoints on U.S. 1 and State Road 905 by June 1, 2020, Angelo Martin, attorney for the Plaintiffs said,

“While we are happy that the County has purported to take the first step to re-opening the Florida Keys, our position and expectation to fully litigate the issues raised in the lawsuit remains unchanged.  Every second that the unlawful checkpoints remain intact, the constitutional rights of our clients (and other citizens) are being infringed by the Defendants.” 

Martin pointed out that the county’s statement about suspending the checkpoints was less than final. “The statement also stated that if a rise in COVID cases were recorded, ‘restrictions may be heightened, and/or amenities may again be closed’.”

“Any restrictions enacted by the Defendants that infringes on the right of our clients (and other citizens) is unacceptable,” said Martin.

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