Update FWC Shooting: Three Bullet Holes in Entranceway Curtain

by Arnaud and Naja Girard

Investigators of the October 15th shooting of Key West liveaboard Adam Bounds have been collecting evidence from the houseboat on which Adam was shot at least twice by FWC Captain Dipre.

Law enforcement sources say FWC was conducting a welfare check based on information that Adam was suicidal. They say when they found Adam he threatened to blow himself up with a gas can and a torch with FWC Captain Dipre onboard, causing Dipre to shoot Adam in order to save his own life.

Adam says that he was not suicidal and that one hour before being shot he had made a complaint to FWC headquarters in Tallahassee asking for protection against harassment from local FWC officers.

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On October 22nd investigators removed a curtain from behind the sliding glass doors at the entrance to the houseboat. The Blue Paper has been able to verify through a credible source that there are three bullet holes in that entranceway curtain.

However there are no bullet holes through the entranceway’s sliding glass doors. The door had been forced open. There is also one bullet hole through a glass door, screen and curtain on the opposite side of the one-room houseboat. All of the windows are blocked by curtains and are closed.

About five or six feet from the entranceway door there’s a large puddle of dry blood on the floor between the foot of the bed and a small table. Investigators also found one spent 9mm round inside the cabin.

Adam Bounds says he woke up when he heard somebody forcing his door open. He says he got out of bed and the next thing he remembers he was lying on the floor and he could see blood pouring out of his abdomen and three officers looking at him.

Adam, who underwent surgery to reattach his intestines and remove his punctured spleen, is recovering at the home of a family member.

“All I do is try to understand what happened,” he said, “If law enforcement was really concerned about me committing suicide why did they send out the very people who were bullying me? Why didn’t they just send the Coast Guard? No one has anything against the Coast Guard. They’re not destroying people’s boats and homes. They just come save your life. The Coast Guard would never have shot me.”



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