Strippers: Man Says He Got 3-Some Lap Dance by Accident

A private dance at a strip club in Islamorada cost a Sebastian, Fla. man more than he expected.

According to reports, on August 25, Samuel Masielo, 32, was at Woody’s Adult Entertainment Club in Islamorada when he requested a private dance from two of the entertainers. The manager of Woody’s informed police that Masielo had three private dances from the two entertainers for $25 per dance (totaling $150).

Both entertainers stated they danced for three different songs for Masielo, and each attempted to collect $75 from him but he refused.

The security guard and the manager walked Masielo to the ATM to take out the money, but he attempted to insert his driver’s license into the ATM instead of a debit card.

When the manager told him that he was inserting the wrong card, Masielo allegedly spit in his face and attempted to flee out the front door. The manager and security guard then “took him to the ground” and waited for deputies to arrive.

According to reports, the security guard said Masielo stated that “he did not do anything, and it was an accident that he spent the money.” He also stated that Masielo was aggressive and attempted to swing at him but missed.

Masielo was arrested and is being charged with petit theft and battery.

Note: Information in the crime report is provided by area law enforcement. Please remember all suspects are innocent until proven guilty.


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