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An Open Letter to Key West Mayor and Commissioners,

Parking in Key West is certainly a consistent challenge, especially for residents who need to conduct business. It becomes more than just an inconvenience.

Stock Island, which has a Key West mailing address, whose residents vote in Key West elections, and who support businesses in Key West are being penalized from being able to buy a resident parking permit.  These supportive resident’s needs should be taken into consideration when deciding and issuing parking permits. Why are they being penalized?

As a real estate agent, through my business I am always promoting Key West by showing the beauty and the paradise lifestyle of Key West. Introducing and supporting the “One Human Family” a key mission in our island.

I call your attention to Key West Mayor Craig Cates’ mission statement:

“In Key West, customer service and quality of life are not mere catch phrases – they represent our mission to all residents and visitors.  Key West’s official motto, “One Human Family”, reflects our commitment to living together as caring, sharing neighbors dedicated to making our home as close to “paradise” as we can. I am committed to a safer and more sustainable community, seamless in every way, which will be accomplished through our continued focus on public safety, budgetary constraints and coordinated delivery of service.”

The blocking of residential parking permits for Stock Island residents seems contrary to the ideals of the mayor’s mission statement.

I sincerely appreciate your kind attention to my request to consider issuing residential parking permits for Stock Island residents.

Yours truly,
Debbie Steele

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