Homeless Man Hog-tied and Arrested

First published on February 4, 2017; Body cam and police incident reports were requested on 2/4/17.

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16 thoughts on “Homeless Man Hog-tied and Arrested

  1. I would like to see the video from the entire encounter. Was the guy really sleeping? That would be on tape. Right? Why would he be sleeping in front of the Publix? Did he make any threatening gestures towards the police?

    Before we start jumping to conclusions and thinking this is Elmers Part #2, let’s get all of the facts.

  2. I was at Public today when this was happening. I did not see it from the beginning but I did see it before the video started. What you didn’t see was how the guy was completely fighting and very aggressive with the officers. He definitely was resisting when the officers where trying to place him in the police car. Once he was in the car, he even started to fight with the officers screaming, kicking to the point they had to take him out of the police car and they had to try to subdue him again. That’s when the video began. We do have to look at everything from the entire encounter to get the real situation.

    1. Thank you for your comment. As mentioned at the end of the video we have requested the bodycam footage which will show us the entire incident. We looked at the charges on the Sheriff’s website and see a “resisting WITHOUT violence” charge. Did you happen to capture video showing the aggressive actions towards police that you described? If you did would you please share it with us? Thanks again.

      1. I agree with Ben, I would like to see the entire encounter before making any judgement on excessive force being used.

        The person being interviewed and jcampo both shared that the guy was placed into the patrol car and then became very aggressive. It isn’t fair to only provide video of the officers restraining him without what lead up to him needing to be restrained.

        Being charged with “resisting without violence” might have a significant effect on the time he spends in jail. If the KWPD wanted to be dicks they could have charged him with vandalism to their patrol car, and I’m sure a slue of other charges.

        I hope that you get the bodycam footage and share it.

        1. This is all part of the reason to have body cams. Then we see all of what went down. Should be instantly released so no time to edit it. With even as much as a split second or 1 word removed could change everything. If the cops followed the rules and did not use excessive force then nothing to hide. The body cams work both ways. Would think they would want them on at all times to cover their own ass. All people want is a complete video and report. Maybe this guy got what he deserved but with only a cops word is no way to really know. Would a cop commit perjury ? LOL

  3. The problem is after the Eimers MURDER the KWPD will never be trusted. And even if they release the body cam we all know they will edit it. Only chance of truth would be from someones cell phone. We all know what they are and nothing they ever do will get them fired. Am willing to bet tourists see the displays on Duval and look up this paper. What effect it has on tourist I am not sure but it can’t look good and might keep some from comming. The future could get nasty.

  4. Hopefully the video of the first part of the encounter will surface. They normally do not restrain people unless they fight or cause damage to themselves, the officers, or their cars.

  5. I for one know the officers and guy arrested. I trust that KWPD acted accordingly. As for the comment kwpd will never be trusted. Most people trust KWPD thank you. Great guys doing a BS job. Time to stop the hatred heaped upon our cops. save it for the criminals they keep you safe from.

    1. You must have missed the video on Eimers. He clearly did as ordered and laid down with arms out.

      Only one good reason not to release that video this time is because they want to be sure they did not do anything wrong and if they did need time to edit.

      If you care to trust the KWPD after all that the Blue Paper has caught them in then that is your choice. Granted not an easy job but they picked it for the money and power trip. They will get my trust when they gain my respect.

    2. You must have missed the depositions from the Charles Elmers KWPD murder. The KW police looker like murdering fools. You must have not known or cared about the Murphy case either. Most KW citizens do not trust the police. They simply do not care. I tell all who visit KW to always travel and move in pairs.

  6. Where is business or mall security, for the store, parking, lot, and mall property?
    If possible, I will go to other mall, this location is always having problems.
    Remember when the bus pick-up, was inside of Mall property.? What a mess!
    Mall owner and store owners – you need to protect all customers, Now!
    The police is the last resort and security should have been there first,
    helping the police. Sears Mall, Ross Mall, and Home Depot are not in the news
    only this Mall…???

  7. What’s the status on the police body cam? The Blue Paper requested that 12 days ago. How long does it take the KWPD to answer a simple public records request?

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