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Monroe County has Created a Sub Class of Taxpayers that is Being Discriminated Against

by Eugene E. Nanay Jr…….

Dear Editor,

Several years ago Monroe County advised the taxpayers that ALL the residents of the CRWS would be charged a fee of $4200. For connecting to the MANDATED Sewer system. Don’t forget I said ALL the residents. County ordinance chapter 20 States AII residents connection points SHALL BE PLACED IN THE ROW AT THE PROPERTY LINE. After a telephone  conversation with an assistant county attorney I was left with the impression that their ordnance ONLY APPLIES TO PEOPLE WHO ARE SCHEDULED FOR GRAVITY CONNECTIONS but Not for people who were forced to connect to a Grinder pump. DOES THIS SEEM LIKE DISCRIMINATION??? The County refuses to install THEIR grinder pumps in the ROW as their own ordinance MANDATES (shall be placed). Why is Monroe County DISCRIMINATING AGAINST 2300 Taxpayers why has Monroe County created a SECOND CLASS TAXPAYER CATAGORY ???  If you were to drive N on US1 thru Grassy Key and look on both sides of the ROW you can’t help but notice the Grinder Pumps pits along with an electric meter and power coming off the power poles NOT THE TAXPAYERS PROPERTY. So are the taxpayers on Grassy Key more Privileged just because they live in Commissioner Neugent and Commissioner Rice’s city of Marathon.   If the Monroe County 1cent infrastructure sales tax money for a complete and fully funded Sewer system is good enough to fund Grinder Pumps and electricity in The FDOT ROW(special permits required) WHY can’t the 1cent MONROE COUNTY Infrastructure Sales Tax Be used to put the Grinder Pumps in the MONROE COUNTY ROWS. WHY did Commissioners Neugent and Rice vote to take 2.7MILLION dollars of OUR tax money dedicated to a complete and fully funded Sewer system and GIVE it to FDOT for use to the States infrastructure. How do you like your Hard earned taxes being GIVEN away and NOT being used for what the Voters voted for. It appears that our Elected officials don’t give a dam what the Voters Mandated?? They feel they can piss away our Tax monies any way they want with no consequences. What’s wrong and why did Monroe County create a 2nd class group of Taxpayers ???

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One thought on “Monroe County has Created a Sub Class of Taxpayers that is Being Discriminated Against

  1. First they came for us. Who will these Elected officials Come for NEXT.DO THEY HAVE YOU IN YOUR SIGHTS?? do you think that you’re untouchable. Good luck.

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