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Rising Tides

by Larry Murray…….

Dear Editor,

The decision by the Navy to raise Sigsbee Road by 6 inches confirms what I have been saying for quite some time.  The Navy announced that Sigsbee Road was flooding regularly at high tide, not just during king tides or a solstice as many would have us believe.

I do not care if the cause is climate warming or whatever.  All I know is that the canal behind my house has been routinely higher throughout 2017.  For me, it does not as yet make a difference.  However, others have told me that their dock and property are commonly washed over much like Sigsbee Road.

I guess that there is nothing you can do about it other than move to higher ground.  However, it is some progress if we can get the powers that be to accept that higher tides are commonplace, not exceptional.

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