The Blue Paper continues its probe into immigration enforcement by Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies…

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Arnaud and Naja Girard

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  1. Just wanted to reply to the Canada blocking Dickford’s entry thing. For those that might not know, Canada has access to the US FBI NCIC (National Crime Information Database). No idea what specific things will get you an entry refusal.

    1. Quite true, Dan. But, I sincerely doubt that a DUI would ever appear in the NCIC database.

      In my case, I responded truthfully to the question. Period. That’s when I was apprised of the law in Canada. Had I chosen to lie, if I were subsequently found out while in Canada, I would have been instantly incarcerated until deportation proceedings were completed.


  2. Jim, while I agree (mostly) with your sentiments, surely you must realize that such actions would have little impact on wages. The labor market in the Keys (most notably Key West) is amply served by “contractors” who provide “low wage labor” by “importing” same, primarily from “Eastern Europe”. The big difference lies in the fact that this labor force IS LEGALLY DOCUMENTED (again, for the most part) as to the legitimacy of their residence here. While I do believe that this is an abuse of the system…at present, it remains a legal loophole.

    What our gracious Editor seems to forget is that ALL citizens of this country MUST provide VALID ID for literally every legal purpose here…INCLUDING employment. Do CITIZENS not have the right to EXPECT the same of ANY resident here? If not, why not?


    1. Without doing an actual investigation I would not ASSUME that the Eastern European workers are “LEGALLY DOCUMENTED”. The Central Americans ALSO work for those “contractors”.

      1. Please note, Naja…I made no assumptions. I qualified what I said by including the word “mostly”. We’re all aware that abuses occur in that business.

        The “contractor” lines up the work and then seeks “cheap labor”, primarily from overseas. C’mon! I’m not telling you something that you don’t already know. It’s a very common practice in Key West…as it is all across the nation, particularly in the “hospitality industry”. Where do you think most “nannies” come from? Most “housekeepers”/”house boys”?

        If “Central Americans” are properly represented by these “contractors”, they should have no worries with regard to “deportation”…unless they commit a crime: Driving without a license is a crime, although it is typical for first-time offenders to be merely cited.


        1. Hi Dickford, Sorry I was a bit unclear. We shouldn’t assume that because ANY of foreign worker from ANY country is working for a “contractor” that they are necessarily here “legally” nor that they have legal “work authorization.” They may be documented and have work authorization but then again they may not be.

          1. Naja, I couldn’t agree more! The “shorthand” necessary in this format precluded my using my usual, long-winded reply.

            What I should have done is copy RRRs ole saw: Trust, but verify. The ONLY way a resident has LEGAL status here is if they can present valid ID. For foreign workers, that can run the gamut from passport, visa, “green card”, work permit…even driver license/state ID, etc. That applies to ALL residents here, including bona fide citizens. The people who cannot produce officially-recognized ID upon request should not be surprised if they are subjected to further investigation by the proper authorities…subject to the discretion of the LEO.

            That cardinal rule was applied in ALL of the examples you reported on. That was my only point.

            Thanks again for your graciousness.


    2. That is exactly the only way to clean up K.W.
      .Carry I D and if your legal is maybe going to hold you up 5 minutes.
      I will and have been checked even when not required to produce it. It lets the cop know you are safe and not wanted. Makes the cops job easy and safe.
      If that removes illegals then we are winning

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