“Escort” and “Pimp” Arrested in Home Invasion

An “escort” and her “pimp” were arrested for a Key West home invasion after they allegedly held her client at knife point and barricaded him in a closet.

According to reports, the victim called an “escort service” three times on Sunday. Whitney Mullins, 24, known as “Ginger” was dropped off at the victim’s White Street address in a Lexus by Jason Robinson, 34.

Each time, the victim allegedly paid Mullins $300 for one hour of sexual intercourse and was picked up again in the same vehicle.

According to the victim, after Mullins, for the third time that day, provided her hour-long service she once again collected the $300 payment. But this time, shortly afterward, someone knocked on the front door. Mullins opened it, and a man, who the victim described as her “pimp,” entered and demanded money from the victim.

When he explained that he’d already paid “Ginger” the man, later identified as Robinson, allegedly punched him in the face and demanded he give him the pin numbers for his credit cards. The victim told Robinson he didn’t know the pin numbers.

Reports state that Robinson instructed Mullins to search the house.  Robinson then told Mullins to go to the kitchen and get a knife. She did, and Robinson allegedly threatened to cut the victim if he did not provide his pin numbers. When the victim again stated he did not know the numbers, Robinson allegedly made the victim get into a closet and barricaded the door with furniture.

When detectives arrived, the room appeared to be ransacked with furniture turned upside down and clothing scattered throughout. There was a dresser that was flipped upside down and stacked on top of an adjacent entertainment center. Both pieces of furniture were pushed against a closet door as if to prevent the closet door from opening.

The left side of the victim’s face was swollen and he appeared to be bleeding from the nose.

According to the victim, a number of items were stolen, with an estimated value totaling $1,445, including a cell phone, keys to his truck and scooter, vehicle titles, house keys, his wallet, credit cards, driver’s license, hand tools, a watch and a glass vodka bottle filled with currency.

The victim showed detectives a photograph of “Ginger” via a website (escortfish.ch). The business, called “Secret Benefits,” showed a woman called “Ginger” who had a large tatoo on her left thigh. According to reports “Secret Benefit’s” phone number was registered to Robinson.

Detectives were able to track Mullins and Robinson to a room at the Fairfield Inn and Suites on Roosevelt Blvd. The duo was inside the room when detectives arrived with a warrant.

Mullins had the exact same tatoo as “Ginger” in the “Secret Benefits” website photograph.

When questioned, they claimed the victim was on drugs and said he should be tested. They said the victim had willingly allowed both of them to enter the victim’s residence.

While searching the room, detectives found an empty glass vodka bottle that matched the one the victim said he was missing.

Whitney Nicole Mullins and Jason Robinson from Deltona, Florida, were both charged with home invasion with a weapon and false imprisonment. They are being held without bond.


Note: The information in this crime report is provided by local law enforcement.  Please remember that all suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

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