OCEANSIDE MARINA: Hotels, Lies, and Videotape

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13 thoughts on “OCEANSIDE MARINA: Hotels, Lies, and Videotape

  1. Superb research and presentation. I am surprised the video of your online research was easier to follow and more engaging than print and links, and I am an old-fashioned reader. Even good music.

    Okay. So you’ve laid out a 60 Minutes-quality expose, hard data, videotaped lies under oath, millions of dollars at stake. So what are our government leaders going to do with it? Sadly, my research on the prevalence and ease of govt corruption says NOTHING. There is no accountability. There are no consequences for corruption in Florida. Not even private shame. They are giggling at us.

  2. I have lived a lot of places in this country in my lifetime but I’ve never seen more corruption than I’ve seen in my years living in Key West, Either those in charge on this island are the most incompetent bunch of people imaginable or there’s a lot of money changing hands to turn their backs on the corruption. I have a strong feeling it’s a whole lot of both going on. I do know for sure that this island is losing it’s identity and charm and it’s being turned into a playground for the rich and that’s the saddest part to me because it’s being allowed to happen.

    1. I totally agree on it being both. This is just more corruption as normal in Key West.

      There is punishment for lying under oath and false documents. What I did take notice of is the admission that some of ROGO date back 20 years. I was in construction for over 30 years and know the tricks. What I suspect here is a game that was used 20 years ago that would allow you to permit a 2 bedroom and a den or office or something and not call it a bedroom. Then after the C O use it as a bedroom. So if that is the case and looks like it was then he could not use as a ROGO. As to what could happen here is they could be forced to buy some ROGO’s. 20 years ago we almost bought an RV lot think name was blue water edge or something for $40k. So now what this looks like is something like an RV lot that has nothing but hook ups could now be worth $100 thousand or more and turn into a hotel unit. Is that what happened to Jabors RV campground ? Or like happened to the RV park on Simonton ? Buy something ready to fall down or created before ROGO and it is now worth a fortune. What will go next ? Maybe Boyds RV. They are a total misuse of what they were. You do have major problems in Key West and thankfully we did not buy anything. On next visit to KW will drop some cash off to keep this great paper going. We visit about 6 times a year for a week. Love KW but do see it slowly turning ugly to the point of we might might stop going. Is there anyone in KW that is not corrupt ? Cates needed to go away but the bubba system kept him in. NO nothing will change and this is just one more case that will not taken to court like the Eimers MURDER. Seriously words do get around and hurts tourism. So now you have 175 rooms that need maids and staff but no place to live. They are built but could be forced be forced not to allowed to rent. But as always bribes and gifts will keep that from happening. So how much of that 16 million was saved with pay offs ? Even if 2 million was a hell of a deal. The trick in KW is get in an office like mayor, commissioner , building department or such. To hell with the pay check as the bribes are well worth it. They do not care what voters want, look at Peary Court and I do mean look at them. They dam sure are in bad condition. I look to see them to slowly fall apart and then new buildings in place. You will soon either start paying workers better or not have the needed workers. And keep in mind a warning I made before. You can not work in KW and ever retire. Why is simple, your SS check will not be near enough.

  3. Superb presentation and documentation!

    Okay, Dennis Ward- we elected you State Attorney because you showed willingness to bust the bubbas. The investigation has been done and the documentation prepared. Please have an investigator review the information and prosecute accordingly. If falsification of documents, perjury and fraud have rewards but no risk, it will continue and expand. Is there rule of law or none?

  4. Incroyable! Incredible – these are literally lies – not credible – statements made under oath by at least three people who MUST be indicted by the State Attorney. The Blue Paper continues to produce Pulitzer-worthy investigative reporting, almost week after week.

    Another donation delivered today; I only wish it could be more.

  5. Here is a different thought…ROGO is to make it safe, to get persons off the
    island chain in time of bad storm or major problem. Should work and save lives.

    Locals are not leaving, which is a very large number.
    The weather decision is two (2) days not 5 days, so except for the Navy, that leaves early, no one can get up the chain.

    The motoring tourist does not have a chance for the lies and want-of-money.

    Just have a bill board stating upon departing Florida City (south) your on your own.

    ROGO is history, gone for money, and money will always win.
    Build, until the sewer system clogs and the wells run dry.

    You build it and they will come, and come, and come….get rid of the
    do-nothing-boards that no one listens to or takes their advise…

    The real Key West, try to make money, drink, party, go to church and show up for the wake…craw home/off the island when broke…

    Who has the guts to lead us out of the RUT???? The next two years things could
    change for the better….KW/Monroe Co, Managers, Mayors, Commissioners, …anyone???? Make a decision and stand-by-it to the end…

    1. Exactly the point. And if we are in KW on vacation I would rather risk staying than die on the highway. Look at the old buildings that took many hurricanes and survived. Yes damaged but if you stayed inside you likely survive. Now if warned or ordered to leave then yes my own risk. Every time we drive to KW it is a risk.

      ROGO is not just about hurricanes. Things like roads , water and electric have limits. Life is full of risks and if you are too scared to take any then why bother to live ?
      What would happen is many will run out of gas or break down from over heating stalled in traffic. It is 127 mile just to FL CITY turn off and that under normal conditions is a half a tank of gas. What happens if a storm even gets within 5 days ? Fill the tank ? Guess what, the gas stations will run out and no tankers will be coming. Many do not even have cars. What if you fly in or take the ferry boat ? They will not be able to get you out in time. Simply put just stay inside and hope for the best. Enjoy what might be your last party.

      So now you have 175 x 2 =350 more people to deal with getting out.

      Yes , people will come as long as there is a vacancy. Why is simple, the rich come to enjoy the party they can’t have at home. KW is very tolerant of tourists and they know that unless a real asshole they won’t be arrested. Look at Fantasy Fest and tell me where else we could do such a thing. Ever notice the cars the tourist drive ? Mustangs , Chargers and such far out number others. Yes a certain type that are older but live like teenagers. They have the money and time and enjoy life to the max. We spend about 15 to 20 K a year in KW and will keep doing till too old to crawl down Duval. So what is the point to ROGO if not enforced ? What some do not see is moving a ROGO from Key Largo to KW is not equal. Actually moving them at all should never been allowed.

    2. Second thought – Money Always Win!

      Just maybe the three bed rooms when built was a two bed room
      and a OFFICE or DEN? (music room, shop, storage, walk-in closet…ECT)

      Just maybe the four bed when built was a two bed room with
      a office and den?

      This really brings up a bigger problem – does it not?

      Don’t mess with big money…good bye ROGO’s and permit office…

      Eat your heart out – The great Houdini would be impressed…

  6. In reference to what JIMINKEYWEST stated as to our Mayor and Commissioners not caring what voters want. He brought up Peary Court as an example and that is one that still eats away at me. The voters voted that purchase down but of course those in charge figured out a way for the property to be purchased even if it meant GIVING our money away to a third party to purchase it. I still wonder how many palms were greased in that deal. We basically gave the buyers the down payment so that it didn’t require any of their own money to buy Peary Court. How many affordable housing units did our money buy? In my opinion, not a single one. Peary Court is occupied mostly by people who have much better paying jobs than the people who really need affordable housing. Most of the people I know work in retail, as servers or other service industry jobs that keep the tourism on this island humming along. What will the precious tourist industry do when there are no workers left on the island to fill the jobs?

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