Monroe County Schools to Recapture Up to Two Weeks of Missed Class Time After Irma

Monroe County School Officials have begun the process of recapturing days lost in the classroom during Hurricane Irma.

Superintendent Mark Porter has announced October 16th as the first reinstated full student contact day. The 16th was initially a professional day for school staff, but the day will now serve as a full instructional day for students. Mr. Porter has also suspended all early release days for elementary and secondary school students in traditional schools until further notice.

Mr. Porter said students returning back to school via the staggered start dates of September 25th, September 27th, and October 2nd have missed 13, 15, and 18 instructional days respectively. “Clearly we need to restore some of this valuable instructional time we have lost. Our students deserve nothing less. ”

Superintendent Porter said he and his team took the two waived days from the Florida Department of Education Commissioner Pam Stewart into consideration when making the initial adjustment. Additional adjustments will be made after there has been further discussion with the school board and stakeholders.

District officials will also assess the calendar for staff and payroll calendars in the near future. The last 3 of the 16 schools Sugarloaf School, Big Pine Academy, and Key West Collegiate Academy went back to the classroom Monday, October 2nd. The Monroe County School District serves approximately 8,800 students throughout the upper, middle, lower keys, and Key West.  The accredited school district consists of 10 public schools, six charter schools, as well as alternative and virtual programs. For more information about the district’s vision and mission, visit  Follow us on Facebook @MYMCSD, on Twitter @keysschools, and on Instagram @MYMCSD.  Follow the Superintendent on Twitter @supt_porter.

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