After Hurricane Irma struck on Sept. 10, 2017, Monroe County Commissioners directed waiver of permit fees for certain emergency work permits in unincorporated Monroe County. The waiver of fees is in place until March 24, 2018.

Monroe County has waived more than $1.2 million in emergency work permit fees to help our residents recover.

BEWARE: There have been reports of contractors and companies charging homeowners in Monroe County for permits that fall under the emergency work category for which the County has waived the fees. If you were charged for permits that fall under the fee waiver category, contact Crystal Sebben at 305-453-8765.

Emergency work permits are for building repairs where delay would clearly have placed life or property in imminent danger.  All emergency permits are subject to the Monroe County floodplain management regulations (Chapter 122 of the Monroe County Code).

The County is required to inspect all structures to determine whether substantial flood damage has occurred. If emergency permits are issued to a building that is determined to be substantially damaged (cost of repairs exceed 50% of the building value) from flooding by Hurricane Irma,  the building later will be required to meet floodplain regulations and to be constructed above the minimum required flood elevation to prevent future flooding during time of a disaster.

Here are the emergency permit types that the County has waived the fees until March 24, 2018:

1. Commercial & Residential Roofing
2. Reconnect/Safety Electrical
3. Electric
4. Plumbing
5. Electric/Sewer Tie in
6. Plumbing/Sewer Tie in
7. AC Replacements within the same footprint and above base flood elevation
8. Commercial & Residential Component New/Replace
9. Stairs
10. LP Gas
11. Temporary RV/Emergency Housing
12. Temporary Use/Structure/Tents
13. Gas/Fuel Tanks (Above Ground/In Ground)
14. Foundation & Piling
15. Commercial & Residential Remodel/Repair Exterior/Interior
16. Generator Auxiliary/Building
17. Shutters
18. Demolition of other items outside of the items exempt from permitting

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