Oct 132017

Sheriff Rick Ramsay

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 October 13, 2017  Posted by at 12:42 am Issue #238, News, Public Notice  Add comments

  2 Responses to “Audio Message from Sheriff Ramsey”

  1. Yes sheriff Ramsey, you did an excellent job, taking direction directly from The TDC, the Duval St merchants, and the rest of the tourism industry in KEY WEST. Get the road open to KEY WEST. The tourists have to get to KEY WEST, there’s MONEY TO BE MADE. Just disregard that Big Pine Key was effectively destroyed–485 homes destroyed, infrastructure marginal, debris removal a joke. If it wasn’t for the Gov. sending down the Fl. Army National Guard I’d hate to think of how it might have gone. But Sheriff Ramsey, You did your job. You got the TOURISTS back to KEY WEST. Come election time I wonder how many lower Keys residents that y threw under the bus will still be around to vote?? Karma always remembers.

  2. Am sure many will vote him out
    Next hurricane many will refuse to leave because of being stopped from going back to save what they could and prevent looters. Many places will be hurt permanently from the loss of tourist money. You can clearly see the tourists are far from back yet. Just look at the live cams on Sloppy Joe or the Southernmost point. Nice to see it is getting repainted and hope finished before FF
    Not near as many people hugging that sewer junction box as you usually see. LOL

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