Apr 072017

Dear Editor,

Three Presidents had the Cajones to deal with their Illegal Aliens. They took that step to ensure JOBS for Americans
Hubert Hoover deported ALL Illegal Aliens
Harry Truman deported Two(2) Million Illegal Aliens
Dwight Eisenhower deported Thirteen(13) Million MEXICANS.
IF those presidents could do it why can’t Our President do something similar ?? If people come into our country illegally they are CRIMINALS. These Criminals are costing Taxpayers like You and me over thirty(30)BILLION
Dollars a year. Couldn’t our Tax money be put to better use???

Dr. Geno

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 April 7, 2017  Posted by at 12:34 am Issue #213, Letter to the Editor  Add comments

  One Response to “Men with Cajones”

  1. Dr. Geno here. I’m sorry readers I quoted an incorrect figure. It should have been Three Hundred Thirty Eight(338) BILLIONS you and I are spending to take care of these Illegal Aliens. My Father stood in line and waited his turn to come to America. Shouldn’t they???

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