Dear Editor,

Term limits may actually be coming to Monroe County. On Tuesday the Florida Keys Mosquito Control Board is scheduled to have a discussion on the issue.

Look, good governance demands term limits, we need them.

Long term incumbency tends to jade public officials. Far too often they become more concerned with their relationships with each other and their relationships with their contributors. Especially deep pocket contributors who have special interests.

Some will argue that incumbency brings experience and knowledge to the job, but the reality is that newbies study and research long and hard on the issues and they showcase their knowledge and positions in their campaigns. Incumbent name recognition and money usually puts nearly indomitable obstacles in the path of new candidates.

The power of governance is best used when it changes hands over time in order to allow for dynamic new solutions in our ever changing world.

You can help make term limits happen. Please take just a moment and email: Simply tell them “Please support term limits”.

Walter Lagraves

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