Man Jumps in Water to Flee Police; Arrested for Knife Threats

A 27-year-old Marathon man was arrested Friday night after a fight at a birthday party led to multiple people being threatened with a kitchen knife, and one man being cut with a beer bottle.

According to reports, Deputy Hradecky was called to 1655 Overseas Highway in Marathon at 10 p.m. regarding a fight involving a knife, and was informed upon arrival that a man had “gone crazy and was fighting with people outside the apartment complex.”

He located the suspect, Yordany Rodriguez Marmol, at the apartment complex with blood stains on his shirt. Rodriguez Marmol immediately fled. The deputy ordered him to stop but he ran up the stairs of the apartment complex and jumped from the deck into the water below.

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Rodriguez Marmol then began swimming under nearby docks and was ordered to come out of the water. Deputy Hradecky pepper-sprayed Rodriguez Marmol but he continued to flee, swimming back toward the apartments, emerging in shallow water near a cement walkway.

The deputy then tasered Rodriguez Marmol and grabbed him, but he began flailing his legs, kicking the deputy in the ankles, and causing him to slip on algae and fall into the water. The deputy lost his grip on Rodriguez Marmol and he broke free.

Key Colony Beach Police, Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Joel Slough, U.S. Border Patrol and multiple Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers arrived on scene and formed a perimeter around Rodriguez Marmol, who was holding onto a piling and refusing to get out of the water. The Coast Guard arrived and he finally surrendered to authorities and was pulled from the water.

Witnesses stated the incident began as a group of people were celebrating a birthday at the apartment complex when a woman with whom Rodriguez Marmol has romantic ties walked over to the group and was given a beer. This upset Rodriguez Marmol, and he allegedly grabbed the women, shook and slapped her. Reports state he then poured out the beer while splashing it all over the group, and when a man in the group confronted him the two began physically fighting.


The fight was broken up, but Rodriguez Marmol ran inside an apartment unit and exited with a kitchen knife and a beer bottle. Rodriguez Marmol threw the beer bottle at the man’s, cutting his hand, and then allegedly approached the man with the knife.

The man was pulled inside the apartment by others who locked the door and called 911.

Just before Deputy Hradecky arrived, witnesses said Rodriguez Marmol ran around outside the apartment complex while screaming and wielding the kitchen knife in a rage. Deputies located the knife under the porch.

Rodriguez Marmol stated, “take me to prison,” and refused to speak further to law enforcement.

Yordany Rodriguez Marmol was charged with aggravated battery, battery causing bodily harm, battery on a law enforcement officer, two counts of resisting arrest and tampering with evidence.


Note: The information in this crime report is provided by area law enforcement. Please remember that all suspects are innocent until proven guilty.




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