Marathon: Man Airlifted After Fight; Others Attack Responding Deputies

Marathon fight suspects

One man was airlifted to a Miami hospital for injuries he sustained in an altercation on 15th Street in Marathon just before midnight Wednesday. Several men were arrested after they attacked deputies attempting to investigate the circumstances of his injuries.

Deputies responded to reports of a fight and found the victim, 48 year old Ignacio Echererria Aguila, lying in the middle of the road. He had severe injuries to his face, including swelling, bruising and lacerations. Paramedics responded and transported him to Fishermen’s Hospital after which he was airlifted to the Ryder Trauma Center in Miami.

As Deputies Titus Hodges and Matthew Pitcher attempted to find out what happened to the victim, they were attacked by a number of men who were in the vicinity and may have been involved in the original altercation.

Deputies Jamie Buxton and Garrett Bragg responded to assist. When they arrived, they saw several men surrounding the deputies and yelling at them. The men refused orders to step back and calm down. The deputies began to restrain the men one by one as the men fought back, kicking and striking at the officers. The men were finally all subdued and handcuffed.

27 year old Yacel Maza Hernandez and 23 year old Asniel Ferrer Espinosa sustained minor injuries as they fought with deputies and were transported to Fishermen’s Hospital for medical clearance before being taken to jail. They continued their struggles on the way to and at the hospital, at one point knocking over a table that was attached to the wall in the waiting room of the hospital.

Those two men were arrested and charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest with violence. 24 year old Yordany Rodriguez Marmol was charged with resisting arrest without violence. They were all booked into jail.

Detective Scott Ward responded to the scene and is currently investigating the original fight during which Echeverria Aguila was injured. His injuries are severe, but are not life threatening. Considerable evidence was recovered at the scene and more charges are expected in connection with that incident as well.

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2 thoughts on “Marathon: Man Airlifted After Fight; Others Attack Responding Deputies

  1. While it sounds like police were able to control a situation where a gang of hoodlum local citizens?… tourists? …or illegals?…threatened public safety in the Keys, one has to wonder what would have happened if a shootout had occurred.

    Florida–or the USA for that matter–has no clue regarding WHO is actually in our country; and the last thing we need is increased crime in Monroe County. We have lived in Key West every winter for the last 11 years and thoroughly enjoy the lifestyle and tranquility of the Keys. We sincerely hope recent crime events are not a portent of the future.
    Retired Monroe Co. taxpayer

    1. No the crime rate has not changed but thanks to the Blue paper we are finally hearing what the MCSO and KWPD has tried to hide from everyone. Many cases , some as serious as the murder of Mr Eimers by the KWPD were reported here. The amount of corruption in Key West is at a very high rate and had it not been uncovered here we likely would never found out about it. You are at a higher risk of police brutality than you are from most other crimes in the keys. We still love Key West and visit several times every year for the last 43 years. Please help all of us by using the video on your cell phone anytime you see anything of question. It is the evidence needed to see that justice is served. Turn it over to the Blue paper not the KWPD.

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