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Long Live The King


The king is dead. Long live the king. Stuart Kessler, Chairman of the Audit and Finance Committee, has been removed and his seat is empty pending the announcement of a replacement by Andy Griffiths.

Similarly, the terms of Roger McVeigh, Melissa Grady and Bill Andersen expired with the recent election and their seats are also vacant. Replacement in all three cases is problematic at best as the Board’s Bylaws & Policies state that “No member shall serve more than six (6) years, without a minimum one year break in service….” I believe that that six year term limit applies in all three cases. Only Dan Dombrowski is eligible to continue.

That being the case, four open seats on a five member committee combined with questions by the Board chair about the behavior of the former chairman, perhaps now is an opportune time for the School Board to reevaluate both the purpose and membership of the Audit and Finance Committee. Possibly the Board could better focus on its expectations of the committee and appoint members who would be more in tune with those desires. The abrupt removal of Kessler may have a chilling effect and the Board need communicate its expectations of those who are willing to serve.

Larry Murray

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