Jun 102016
Vilma Christian an Mayor Cates.

Vilma Christian an Mayor Cates.

The Key West City Commission this week honored one of the pillars of this community by renaming the White Street Pier in his honor. The pier will henceforth be known as the Edward B. Knight Pier.

During his 75 on the island, Mr. Knight has been known as a visionary and a man open to new ideas. He has made tremendous contributions to our City by way of real estate development, historical preservation and overall improvements to the City.

“His philanthropic efforts and support of civic organizations serve as example to all of the importance of not only building your city structurally, but building your city honorably,” reads the proclamation. “The City of Key West extends its gratitude to Mr. Knight for his many lasting contributions by naming the landmark currently known as The White Street Pier in his name.”

Mr. Knight was unable to attend the meeting, and his personal assistant of the past 36 years, Vilma Christian, accepted the proclamation. A dedication ceremony at the pier was delayed due to inclement weather, and will be rescheduled following a short closure of the pier for resurfacing.

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