Key West Woman Arrested for Defrauding Adoption Agencies


Sheriff’s detectives say a Key West woman took money from two separate adoption agencies after promising to place her unborn child into their care for adoption. She then arranged to give the child to an adoptive family in exchange for money.

In February of 2014, one of the agencies – American Adoption Services – reported to the Sheriff’s Office that 38 year old Crystal Dinklocker had taken money from their agency and from another agency at the same time – Adoption Angels. The money paid to her was for her support while pregnant. She told both agencies they were the only company she was dealing with in relation to her pregnancy.

Detective Bob Dosh was assigned to the case. It turns out Dinklocker was in the Monroe County Detention Center on Stock Island from April to November of 2013 on fraud and drug related charges. She was pregnant and, while in jail, she was making arrangements for the adoption. Investigations showed both adoption agencies made payments into Dinklocker’s inmate account during the time she was in jail.

Detective Dosh also contacted the family which finally adopted Dinklocker’s baby. The woman who dealt with Dinklocker said she had a conversation with Dinklocker, who told her she was not dealing with any other adoption agencies. She said if she were dealing with other agencies she would be committing fraud.

The investigation showed Dinklocker took money from both agencies and from the adoptive family as well. A warrant was obtained for her for two counts of fraud.

In August of this year, Dinklocker was located in prison, in Marion County. When she was released from prison she was returned to Monroe County to face the charges. She was booked into the Monroe County jail on December 2nd.

One thought on “Key West Woman Arrested for Defrauding Adoption Agencies

  1. If this wasn’t so tragic for the baby to have such uncaring parents, it would be hilarious:
    While still in jail on fraud charges with all her living and medical expenses paid by the taxpayers, she boosts her personal financial assets by fraudulently selling the rights to her unborn baby to every interested party. The word “incorrigible” comes to mind. I do have to applaud her entrepreneurship. Maybe she was just raising venture capital?

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