Key West Police Department Takes on the Running Man Challenge

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4 thoughts on “Key West Police Department Takes on the Running Man Challenge

  1. that spectacle of donnie in the last shot just about sums it up.

    is it just me, or has the Blue Paper become a friend of KWPD? so much police coverage lately that it seems to be a mini Police Gazette….

    do you not remember what these jackboots do??

  2. I see no reason the Blue Paper should not try to stay on friendly terms with the KWPD.
    They report the screw ups so only fair to give praise when they deserve it. Nobody is perfect 100 % of the time.

    1. strip searching people in the middle of the street; firing blindly at a suspect into a party, harassing the homeless (one of my first visuals in Key West), tasering a guy into permanent paralysis, and smothering a helpless old man in the sand, are not people that should be celebrated , endorsed, showcased, or otherwise be on “friendly” terms with. these people are contemptible liars and murderers. they deserve no quarter in this publication or any other. showing them in a comedic light is disrespectful to all those who have suffered at their hands.

      they belong in jail, not a lighthearted video.

      1. I in no way am saying those cases where handled proper because they were not. Had that man that was stripped search in public sued them he would have won. They got sued in the other cases.
        It is important for people to take action in court when police misuse power.

        But let’s not over look the times when fast thinking like the nut case few months ago that was firing shots in the air and at people. They handled that very well. Had they shot and killed him most would not say a word.

        The people have the choice at election time to get the people out of office that hired Lee. Yes he is not a good choice but not everything he does is wrong. Start the fix by getting Cates out of office.

        As to the homeless Lee is getting pressed to get them off the island. If no action is taken word will travel that there is a way to live dam near free in a van. How long would it take to have hundreds trying this and taking up parking spots? Take a look at Wisteria Island. Are they not basically homeless too ? They live in a boat not a van. Nobody lives for free, but often it is tax payers money picking up the tab. Do you remember house boat row ?

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