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At Monday’s candidate forum, Sloan Bashinsky, a candidate for mayor of Key West, was speaking to the audience when he was “interrupted” by a phone call – from God himself. “Hello, what, God?” Bashinsky said into his flip phone as the crowd laughed. He and “God” then discussed the City of Key West’s recent plans to cut funding to non-profit organizations.

“Have they lost their minds?” God “asks” Bashinsky about City leaders.

“Yeah, I think they have,” answers Bashinsky before ending the “call.”

Since then, that phone call (first reported by the Miami Herald) has gone viral, and has been featured by mainstream news outlets like the New York Times, the Washington Post and even the Daily Mail (U.K.).

“About 30 minutes before the forum the idea came to me out of the blue,” said Bashinsky about the divine phone call. “I was taking a walk and it came to me. I thought it would be fun,” he said.

The forum was presented by Hometown! Key West, an organization that offers candidate lectures, forums, and other methods to help educate voters about elections. Monday’s event was the final Hometown! candidate forum before the August 28 primary. The next Hometown! forum is scheduled for September 17 for the general election on November 6.


Here is Mr. Bashinsky again [funny as ever] at the previous [June 22, 2018] forum…


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