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It Looks Like the Monroe County Taxpayers Are Getting Screwed Again

by Eugene Nanay [Dr. Geno]…….

Just saw that our Stalwart County Commission is going to get on their knees and go BEGGING for money to pay the state to continue paying FDOT for Highway cleanup. Instead of all the bowing and scraping those crooks should just tell the State to take the moneys out of 2.7 MILLION dollars The Taxpayers of Monroe County GAVE to FDOT to repair their falling down bridge to pigeon Key.  NOTE ! That money was from a fund the voters chose to be used for MONROE COUNTY INFRASTRUCTURE, Not to be GIVEN to FDOT to repair their bridge. WATCH THE TAXES GO UP next year. And be sure to Re-Elect the Incumbent next year.

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One thought on “It Looks Like the Monroe County Taxpayers Are Getting Screwed Again

  1. I agree completely, while you are at it, don’t forget the 6.7 MILLION dollars they are going to waste on a new library and adult education center in Marathon!!

    Don’t need it, can’t afford it, money can be used in more important ways. If they are determined to say the library is needed, they can build on the back if they need a large meeting room or whatever. I visit the library at least once a week. It is big enough for marathon and I am tired of these people using our money like it’s Monopoly money.

    Let’s not start with the school district wanting to build a complete sports center in Marathon for…………..$5MILLION dollars.

    It’s ridiculous. When we moved here, this place was so nice and small town like.

    Now all the developers own the county and city boards. We don’t need more condos, resorts (people can’t come down here unless they have money to wasted).


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