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CENTRAL SEWER/GRINDER PUMPS: WHO IN GOVERNMENT WILL STAND UP AND SAY THEY WERE ALL WRONG?…  “Judge just told FKAA that the County Code which says put the sewer connection in the public right of way means, put the grinder pump in the public right of way. Duh. FKAA has intimidated many property owners to put these pumps on their land, and pay to run their electricity to it. Who in government will ….” [read more and reply…] 

POKER RUN EVENT NO LONGER TAKING PLACE IN KEY WEST: Good!!!! This biker event, with the idiotic, adolescent noise it brings with it, is an insult to many, many of us. I do believe there are noise ordinances that are not enforced, and making them adhere to all parking rules should also be enforced. OK, OK, I get it … [read more and reply…]

WHAT’S UP WITH FWC HARASSING LIVEABOARDS LATELY?: “What is up with FWC harassing liveaboards lately? Boarding illegally, aggressive and threatening.  “We” need someone who can make it clear cut and dry on what can and cannot be done by FWC and in what manner. [click here to reply…]

“POCKET PARK” AT THE END OF DUVAL: “I think the whole thing [1400 block Duval “pocket park”] is outrageous, but one thing I notice is the two large areas designated trash… [read more and reply…]

MARGARITAVILLE BLOCKING ACCESS TO NEW WATERFRONT PARK: “Admirals Cut is a 20″ wide inlet separating the Margaritaville resort from The Truman Waterfront.  On the opposite side of the resort is a similar cut that separates it from Mallory square… [read more… and reply…]

POINCIANA WARSAll of the controversy of late about the Royal Poinciana’s place in the Key West urban landscape may soon be nothing but fodder for stories that begin ‘I remember when . . .’ [read more and reply]

WHITE STREET POST OFFICE: “Why is it that the city hasn’t approached the Post Office on Whitehead St over the total lack of outside maintenance.  They collect parking fees and the visitors to this fine city are forced to look at the trash… [read more…. and reply…]

STOCK ISLAND GENTRIFICATION: “I’m concerned that the recent eviction notices sent to residents of the Wreckers Cay trailer parks (almost 70 trailer units) are connected somehow to the recent county interest in acquiring Murray Marine which borders those same trailer parks… [read more…. and reply ]

“SUB-AREA POLICY MY BEHIND”:  “Sub-area policy my behind. I think that local officials need to quit it with the spot zoning, allowing special treatment for some property owners who pay lawyers and consultants to re-write our laws [read more… and reply]




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