Margaritaville Resort Cutting Off Access to New Waterfront Park

Admirals Cut is a 20″ wide inlet separating the Margaritaville resort from The Truman Waterfront.  On the opposite side of the resort is a similar cut that separates it from Mallory square.  That cut has a bridge across it that allows pedestrian egress, allowing foot traffic to move back and forth. Admirals cut has no bridge.

The Admirals Cut totally blocks egress for pedestrians from the new waterfront park. The only way to get from the park to Mallory Square is to walk up Southard and take a left on Whitehead and another left into the square.  If you are a local you know the route.  Sorry tourists.

For some reason the resort doesn’t want pedestrian access to the Truman waterfront?  I suggest the city close the bridge on the Mallory Square side until the resort agrees to open the the other side.  I wonder how a resort controls city property.  Something going on?


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