‘ARE YOU ILLEGAL?” Immigrant Bicyclist HIT BY CAR and Handed Over to Border Patrol on the Spot

First published on May 19, 2017

CORRECTION: The original headline for this article stated, “Immigrant Bicyclist Hit by Car and Handed Over to ICE on the Spot”. That was incorrect. The immigrant was arrested by Border Patrol, a division of Customs and Border Protection.

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Click here to see the incident report.

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Arnaud and Naja Girard

55 thoughts on “‘ARE YOU ILLEGAL?” Immigrant Bicyclist HIT BY CAR and Handed Over to Border Patrol on the Spot

  1. Dear Naja,

    The “crosswalk signal” I mentioned is plainly visible in the picture at the head of the article — just look slightly to the left of the utility pole. Now, look at the sidewalk coming towards the foreground…and the very well-marked pedestrian crossing. What many do not realize is that that design was intended to protect TWO possible pedestrian crossings of McDonald Ave. here: One is to “protect” pedestrians crossing McDonald at the intersection with U.S. 1 — and the other to “protect” pedestrians who wish to cross McDonald Ave, period. Yes, it can be confusing but it’s all there: Look at the crosswalk markings -and- the angle of the sidewalk.

    As for all the medical gibberish — I clearly stated my opinion -and- my ignorance on the matter. I clearly stated that the victim should not be moved and none of the officers attempted to move him. Beyond that, I find it hard to believe that LKMC turned this fellow away due to lack of insurance. Has anyone contacted the hospital for their version of events? I have always been attended to promptly and well by the ER staff there…with and without insurance.

    This whole story just doesn’t add up. Sorry…


    1. Dickford,
      “The crosswalk has no traffic control device.” That is what the FHP officer who investigated this accident wrote in his report. Is he wrong? Does he need to rescind his report and his determination to issue a citation to the bicyclist? I do not see a “crosswalk signal” in the photo – in any case it is not at THIS crosswalk — and “crosswalk signals”, when they exist, are typically found on BOTH sides of a crosswalk. Yes, this appears to be a VERY bad design that could kill people and I again encourage you to share your experiences with FDOT so that they might reconfigure it pronto and save lives. Neither the driver of the vehicle nor the bicyclist wanted this to happen. I’m sure they are both very lovely people. It is a very tragic accident – that could have been worse. Thank goodness he was not killed. As to what extent each is responsible for their inattention – ultimately the insurance company and/or attorneys will work that out. However, the prejudice shown by this officer against the Honduran man lying on the curb in pain is undeniable – although you choose to deny it. Compare how the officer spoke to that injured man [harsh, impatient, belittling the possibility that he was seriously injured, and even asking him – very rudely – if he could get up] to how he spoke to the driver who had just hit a pedestrian: Soft, like a loving mother: “Are you O.Kaaay?” Come on. Let’s be real. It is as plain as day. And yes, the officer did “attempt to move him” by asking him repeatedly – with hand gestures and all – whether he could stand up. These are not facts that rely on any journalistic filter – we have shown the video of these actions as they occurred that morning. Cops give orders and most people try to obey. The man did try to get up – he couldn’t do it. And yes, the ambulance crew did “attempt to move him” in fact they did move him – they stood him up. He was unable to get into the ambulance and they eventually did the right thing by putting him on a stretcher. Whether or not making him stand up injured him further is something that will likely come up with the insurers and attorneys – as will whatever the LKMC did or did not do. Ask yourself – how would you be reacting if the person in the car was the “illegal” and the person lying on the ground was the citizen. Would you be thanking some other publication for running the story with a headline “Illegal Alien Hits Bicyclist With 7000 Pound Pickup Truck!”

      1. Dear Naja, you are now getting “emotional” regarding this incident…leaving your normal objective approach behind. Not good…

        1. To clear up your confusion over the pedestrian signals (yes, there are two — facing each other), just visit the scene in person. I’d be happy to help you survey the scene. Bring that errant FHP officer with you. 😉 You will see that the crosswalk is very clearly laid out, replete with huge signs: Neither party in this incident has an excuse.

        2. Read all my missives on this subject: Never once did I mention the race, creed, color or national origin of the parties involved. That information is irrelevant. A person was injured…that is what was important.

        3. Your criticisms of the medical care that was provided is both subjective and incomplete: If you want to be paramedic, apply for the job.

        4. The community here is wholly integrated. We live with other people all day/every day. We care for each other. Ethnicity/race/national origin are rarely evident: Doesn’t matter if you’re a bum or a cop (or a newspaper editor ;-)). I know. I’ve lived and worked here almost 11 years.

        5. The claim is that the victim was turned away at LKMC. But then, it is also claimed that he got an MRI: I suspect that it was not at his next door neighbor’s house. It’s also claimed that he is now “in great pain”. Is he being treated — by other than ambulance chasers? It was also claimed that he was in ICE custody. Is that true?

        I think that we all would appreciate a thorough followup on this story. I suspect tht you’ll find that things are not always what they seem.


        1. Dickford,

          It is discouraging to have to go over and over simple facts like whether or not there is a “signal” at the crosswalk when there are so many more important issues brought up by this incident – including proper medical care to a crash victim, whether or not national DHS policy was violated by targeting a hospital patient who was brought back to the scene and made to wait to be arrested by immigration officials.

          I have indeed visited the site. The only “signals” I saw at the crosswalk in question are the big signs. I believe the FHP officer got that right. There was no “button” for the bicyclist to push that would change a traffic light. There is no traffic light. Yes, it will need to be worked out by insurers/lawyers as to the degree of liability for each person involved. And it could be 100% bicyclist – but I doubt it. It is unfortunate that no one ascertained the speed or where the vehicle was when it started to brake to avoid the bicyclist as that is essential.

          There is no question in my mind that the injured man was treated with disrespect by Deputy Lariz. Many others have commented on that and are concerned about that. The bias against the Spanish speaking “illegal immigrant” [compared with the treatment of the citizen who drove the truck] is palpable. I don’t mean that in a disparaging way regarding the woman who drove the truck. She was concerned and is likely a very responsible lovely person. I am talking about the difference in the Deputy’s behavior toward each one.

          Yes, as we reported, the bicyclist is in ICE custody. ICE did eventually provide him with medical care as his pain was increasing; they had an MRI performed. According to the family it shows his pain is caused by injury to the spine.

          I have spoken with several medical professionals, including one who is intimately familiar with this sort of roadside crash rescue operation, so my comments are not “subjective”. These professionals say that the care provided by the Deputy and the ambulance crew does not at all mesh with standard protocol and could have caused him more injury.

          In Key West I have personally witnessed our Fire and Rescue service respond to multiple vehicle vs. bicycle accidents. The bicyclist invariably is put in a head brace and put on a stretcher for transport by ambulance to the hospital. The patient is told not to move. Never urged to stand up.

          We are indeed going to do a follow-up. I have asked the Sheriff to respond to questions as to whether Deputy Lariz’ “first responder” actions that day – to a patient who had been in a vehicle vs. bicycle incident – was in keeping with the Sheriff’s policies.

          As to whether this community is “wholly integrated” with race/ethnicity being “irrelevant” – that sounds a bit naive. We have issues, as does the country as a whole and what we saw that morning in terms of Deputy Lariz’ questioning of the injured patient is not reassuring– for many of us.

    2. LKMC stated they did not turn him away due to lack of insurance. They basically state that they evaluated him verbally, manually and visually and decided he had minor injuries and did not need any type of imaging to be done such as x-ray or MRI.

  2. That he was illegal is not the real issue. The issue is who was at fault. For what ever reasons the cop cited him and not her. He seemed to think the bike darted out into traffic. Maybe he did or did not. End result is he is injured. If he has already been deported then not likely to be a court case. She still could get sued but hard to win with the cop charging him. Do hope he gets medical help needed to recover.

    One thing does upset me is that she stated maybe she should stop or people in crosswalk. That tells me some are confused as to the law. DOT needs to view this location as it is asking for problems being in that location without a red light.

    1. Will say this, we are thinking of buying a dash camera. It could easily save you in a case like this or prove you are at fault. To some degree it also shows your speed.

      Often I start a video when I see a cop pulling someone over. It might help the driver or the cop. But when we see the clear abuse of power as we had in the Eimers murder it makes you wonder if it does any good.

      Would be great if we had a video of this case to cover the 10 seconds before he was hit. Only 2 people know the truth in this case. Would like to think if this lady caused the wreck that she would own up to it. Problem today is many will leave if they been drinking , no valid license, no insurance or etc as the charge for leaving is less than staying and dealing with a DUI.

  3. Dr. Geno,

    Respect and admire you, very much. You’re on the firing line of life, presenting your case and standing up to the powers that be, for what you believe in. Nothing more can be asked of a duty bound, brave and responsible American.

    You do not seek the protection of anonymity. There is a face, person and Man behind your thoughts, positions and ideas.

    I’m on my way to Miami for rehearsal. Opening night is fast approaching. Take comfort in your bold actions, you speak for many anonymous and fearful citizens, unable to muster the courage necessary to stand with you.

    It’s an honor and privilege to have made your acquaintance.

    Blessings & Respect

  4. Am sure the cop investigated as best as he could. With the man unable to speak e
    English or even Spanish then difficult to determine exactly what happened. Yes did seem like the cop had a bit of an attitude that may been racist or simply tired of dealing with people that won’t learn English. His family should ask to talk to that officer but unlikely he would as it indicates a potential lawsuit. They do have the option of hiring a lawyer but with him being an illegal chances are nothing will change. Would be great to hear his opinion but likely department rules prohibit that.

    Major question is where was the man when she entered that ramp. The truth may never be known. Yes cops often charge .wrongly and this might be the case here.

    1. There was a Spanish speaking officer on scene. MCSO has many Spanish speaking officers. One of them could have been asked to help with the investigation… The officer who went to the hospital to fetch him and ask him to return to the scene “for more processing” was the non-Spanish speaking person who had done the controversial grilling about his legal status. Why was that? If the reason for going back to the scene was to finish up the “investigation” then the Spanish speaking officer should have been there. And a statement by the bicyclist should have been taken and spelled out in the report by FHP. The family says they just had him sit around for about 45 minutes or so, unknowingly waiting for Border Patrol to show up and arrest him. There are questions about the legality of that maneuver… since local law enforcement is not empowered to investigate federal immigration laws absent specific federal authorization by means of code or specific program. Holding him there for a period longer than necessary to complete the crash report and issue a citation could be held a violation of his rights. Additionally, a hospital is a “sensitive location” where even CBP/ICE agents must refrain from enforcing immigration laws as per federal DHS policy.

  5. Just wondering if all of you smart ppl would have a little different view and comments on fact that woman hit guy on bike on cross walk if he would be one of you, your friend , family etc. ending up in hospital plus citation … lady that drove car did nothing wrong … seriously .

    1. If what the investigating officer is correct and the man DARTED out in front of her truck then she did nothing wrong. Actually she is the victim if his case is correct. We either trust his opinion or we do not. From the picture of the sidewalk it looks to me as if he was traveling south on that bike and likely never stopped before entering the crosswalk and that puts him at fault. The truth may never be known.

      1. Everyone has rights and duties when using the roadway: The bicyclist, the pedestrian, and the motor vehicle driver. The bicyclist and pedestrian must ensure that they have the time to cross a roadway without causing a collision with an oncoming vehicle; they may not dart out at the last minute in front of a motor vehicle not allowing for the vehicle to have the time to stop. The driver of a vehicle, when coming to a marked crosswalk has duties. They must ensure that they are going at a safe speed. This could mean going even less than the speed limit in areas where special hazards – such as and especially at pedestrian crossings. They are forewarned to expect there may be a pedestrian in the crosswalk. [Bicyclists, while crossing a crosswalk, have all the rights and duties of a pedestrian by law.] Bicyclists may ride across a crosswalk. Furthermore another section of Florida law says that a motor vehicle driver must always act to avoid hitting a pedestrian. I would assume that would mean steering away from the pedestrian. It also specifies that the motor vehicle driver must warn the pedestrian [horn] if possible. It all works together and how fast the vehicle was moving before the crash is an essential part of the inquiry into fault. Even assuming the bicyclist is partly at fault [this will depend on how he behaved before crossing, but it will also depend in part on the speed of the car because he must judge the speed of the car as well. If the car is going faster than should be expected for the area of a crosswalk the bicyclist might misjudge the speed by no fault of his own.] One can not rule out some contributory fault on the part of the driver of the vehicle unless one knows how fast the vehicle was going, where the vehicle was when she began to put on the brakes will help to understand how fast it was going and therefore how quickly it could have stopped. Also whether or not the motor vehicle driver could have steered away from the pedestrian under the circumstances is relevant. [It does appear there is room to the left of where the vehicle is stopped in the video.] Witnesses can be asked these questions and investigators can make note of how much room to maneuver there was for the motor vehicle driver to avoid hitting the pedestrian. In Florida, the law recognizes contributory negligence. Each party can be found to be partially liable for an accident. It could go 100% bicycle or 50/50 or any other configuration adding up to 100%. Perhaps 100% bicycle is the ultimate answer but the inquiry shown on the record appears to be incomplete. The issue here is that the body cam footage doesn’t show anyone trying to figure out the speed of the vehicle or whether there was room to avoid hitting the pedestrian and the incident report makes no mention of it. The witness’ written statements, though asked for, have not yet been provided — they were mysteriously not found in the official files associated with this incident of either MCSO or FHP office. We don’t know if the statements speak to speed of the vehicle because speed is not mentioned in the report and the witness statements are not attached. This is not really an issue of whose fault it is but whether residents can feel secure in this investigation where bias against the bicyclist was palpable [interrogated about immigration status and not given proper standard medical care – according to several sources in the medical field] and where pertinent routine traffic incident information [estimated speed of vehicle in the accident, was there room to avoid hitting the pedestrian] does not show up anywhere on the record. In any case, who is at fault in this particular accident, is not really the big issue that concerns residents. There is a huge debate here and throughout the country about how local law enforcement should be coordinating [or not] with federal immigration enforcement agents. Should they ask an injured man about his immigration status while he is lying on the side of the road in pain? Then there is an issue in this one local case about whether this injured individual was treated properly in terms of standard medical care.

        1. Do agree that his legal status should not even been asked at this point. First step should been get him medical help. As to her speed yes important but unlikely not known. If she was guilty am sure she she would not stated she over the limit and by law not required to give to testify about it.

          From being a landlord we run into situations of non English persons often and this creates a huge problem as our contracts are in English. Problem is they often do not understand what they are signing and we do not care to rent to anyone that can not speak or read English as that voids the contract. I am not about to learn other languages. I was born here in the USA and only understand English. What I am suggesting here is that he likely has no clue on our laws and created his own problem at this crosswalk by not understanding his requirements to use it.

          Might I suggest you find a few hours and video that crosswalk. Likely you will find both violate the law.

          That is a very small distance to come off US 1 before seeing the 2 signs. Note they are missing a sign to YIELD to pedestrian and at night likely never see them.

          Perhaps the DOT is at fault here.

          Will admit that first an ambulance should been called to attend to his injury but perhaps race changed the order of concern. Yes is plenty missing in that report. I do not see anyway she was speeding and end up stopp with front tire on walkway

          1. Jim,

            RE: “Perhaps the DOT is at fault here.”

            They certainly share some of the blame. The intersection is NOT laid out properly: The two pedestrian signals control ONLY passage over the “southbound” 2 lanes of MacDonald Ave. Yet, due to their placement, it is clear how pedestrians/bikes can assume that it is also clear to cross the single “northbound” lane. Such is not the case…but NO warning is afforded to the pedestrian traffic.

            What feeds into this problem is the fact that much of the pedestrian/bicycle traffic flow begins from ACROSS U.S. 1 — controlled by signals. These individuals are controlled by VERY clearly marked crosswalks. The same is true of this intersection — one look at their design and you can see the problem. ONLY…there is NO signal governing travel over this “northbound” lane…it’s a “no stop” right turn, common here.

            To clarify…there certainly IS a plainly visible crosswalk warning sign that precedes the two in the picture on U.S. 1.

            In all my days at this intersection, I have seen dozens upon dozens of people make the assumption that they are allowed to cross this “northbound” lane with impunity. Yes…tires screeched, horns blew, nasty words were exchanged.

            Perhaps a flashing amber light here would be helpful…


  6. Gosh, I think this incident racked up as many or more comments than any blue paper Charles Eimers article?

    The first thing I would like to know simply is who was at fault, the motorist or the bicyclist?

    The pedestrian crossing is clearly marked. Was the bicyclist on foot, walking his bicycle? Or, did the bicyclist ride his bicycle into the crosswalk? If he rode into the crosswalk, did he just “dart” into the crosswalk? Or was it a slow entry, like he was on foot.

    Here’s why I ask about this.

    This long-retired practicing attorney is pretty sure the general rules of the road are: pedestrians have first right away; bicyclists have second right of way; motor vehicles have third right of way – right of way = priority.

    For example, if a pedestrian is jaywalking at a traffic light, if the pedestrian is in plain view to an oncoming motorist, who does not slow down for the pedestrian, then the motorist and his/her insurance company lose that case if a lawsuit is filed.

    I attended the public meeting between the Florida Department of Transportation and the City of Key West in the Harvey Government Center maybe 2 months ago. City Commissioner Sam Kaufman, a lawyer, stated that a pedestrian has to enter a marked crosswalk to obtain the right of way. If a pedestrian is just standing on the sidewalk waiting on traffic to stop, the motor traffic does not have to stop.

    I felt that was nuts. A pedestrian has to enter the crosswalk and put life and limb at risk, to gain the right of way? I said that during citizen comments.

    After the meeting ended, I spoke with DOT officials outside the meeting hall. The leader of them said, actually, state law is, if a pedestrian is at a marked crosswalk, motor traffic HAS TO STOP. I asked the FDOT official why he did not tell the mayor and city commissioners that during the meeting?

    I can tell you for a fact that I ride my bicycle all over Key West and on the city side of Stock Island.

    I can tell you for a fact that I seldom see motor vehicles stop for pedestrians standing at marked crosswalks, waiting on traffic to stop so they can cross. Pedestrians on foot, bicyclists on foot pushing their bicycles.

    I can tell you for a fact that I some time ago strated giving such motorists the finger in various presentations, and telling them about their mothers and their fathers loud and clear.

    I can tell you for a fact that many times during citizen comments at city commission meetings, I have told the mayor, commissioners, city attorney, city manager, city staff and city police in the back of the meeting chamber just what you read above, and the silence was deafening.

    I can tell you for a fact that the sidewalk is the only safe place to ride a bicycle on North and South Roosevelt Blvds, on Palm Avenue and Eaton Street, on Union and South Streets, on Simonton Streets, on Truman Avenue, for examples.

    I can tell you for a fact that the marked pedestrian crosswalks on Eaton Street, including the one at Hilltop Laundry across the street from the apartment house Naja and Arnaud own, might as well not be there.

    I can tell you for fact that probably 99 percent of motorists in Key West have zero respect for marked pedestrian crosswalks.

    I can tell you for a fact that the mayor and city commissioners and city police are in cahoots with those motorists. Perhaps because they are motorists. I never saw one of them on a bicycle. I have seen Commissioner Weekley walking to get places. I have never seen another elected city official do that, or on a bicycle.

    The law of marked crosswalks is the real issue, in my opinion, in this incident, and the illegal alien is simply the very unwelcome messenger best gotten rid of to keep attention on him instead of the real issue.

    The struck bicyclist’s injuries need to be confirmed or ruled out, with facts. If he was seriously injured, the issue of who was at fault will become paramount, if the illegal immigrant is represented by an “ambulance chasing” lawyer. I suppose the police knew that when they decided how to handle the incident.

    Sorry, Dickford, for your experiences with rude bicyclists. I have those experiences, too, occasionally. But rude motorists in Key West outnumber rude bicyclists 1,000-1 in my experience.

    Sorry also, if the illegal alien and his family suffer because he is deported. Not sorry he is deported. Every illegal alien knows the risk of being here without permission. Every local employer of cheap labor illegal aliens knows he/she is breaking the law, but only will be penalized by losing cheap labor, if the alien employees get caught.

    I heard over breakfast at Harpoon Harry’s this morning, someone say, when he lived in southern California, he could always tell which motorists were illegal aliens or criminals on the lam. They always drove legally, at or under the speed limit, no strange driving behavior, because they did not want to get caught.

    In case anyone cares, I was asked in a dream last night if I would weigh into a group discussion? I said, if I spoke, it would be about what nobody is addressing. I also said, some people in the audience are saying things more important than what the people hosting the discussion are saying.

    1. Dear Sloan,

      RE: Who is at fault?

      As an attorney, surely you know that that is rarely determined by ruminations in a newspaper: That’s why they made attorneys. 😉

      From my admittedly incomplete observation of the incident, the “victim” WAS properly IN the crosswalk. Nobody has denied that. The driver stopped immediately…that is apparent from the photos. That the driver struck the bicycle is also not contested. As to determination of fault, I suspect that the driver’s insurance will be tapped…irrespective of the “traffic obstruction” citation issued to the pedestrian.

      That said, you need to bone up on the traffic laws. In reality, a pedestrian has NO “rights” on a vehicular roadway — except at designated crossings. Similarly, a bicyclist, when riding their bike on a roadway, is subject to the laws governing MOTOR VEHICLES, not pedestrians. Obviously, a motorist does NOT have the legal right to indiscriminately mow down pedestrians…but, there’s a great deal of leeway afforded the motorist in such incidents. That’s why they invented attorneys. 😉

      Aside from that, however…the purpose of this article was to expose the fact that this fellow was subsequently apprehended by the Border Patrol, simply (and only) because he suffered injury in a traffic incident. That strikes many of us as being elementarily unfair. Sadly, given the times in which we live…it’s also entirely legal.

      Yes, it does seem as though drivers here regularly ignore pedestrian crossings. That has not been my experience, though…at least recently. Bicyclists, on the other hand, believe that they enjoy the “freedom” to do whatever in the hell strikes their fancy…whenever and wherever they choose. That is WRONG! Dead wrong! I have no issue whatsoever with bicyclists using the sidewalks. But, those sidewalks are PEDESTRIAN rights-of-way, NOT “bike paths”. Bicyclist could show a modicum of respect for pedestrians…but they rarely do.
      Oh, and another thing: Bicyclists routinely run through pedestrian crosswalks, regardless of signals.


      1. Do you ride a bicycle in Key West, Dickford. I ask, because if you do, then I can’t imagine how you could say motorists in Key West do not routinely ignore marked crosswalks. For a fact, the mayor and city commissioners have zero interest in dealing with that. I proved it by calling them out on it quite a few times in city commission meetings.

        As for who has the right of way, you nailed it. If a motorist sees someone in on foot or on a bicycle in his way, the motorist cannot mow down the pedestrian or bicyclist simply because the motorist has, or thinks he has, the right of way. That is not why lawyers were invented, but it does make lawyers happy that motorists have been known to do that. Yesterday, at the a well marked pedestrian crossing on Eaton Street, I had it out with a motorist who make like he would mow me down when I took the intersection to allow several other pedestrians to cross, who had been there waiting before I arrived on my bicycle, which I dismounted to officially become a pedestrian, in case some smart ass lawyer made the argument that crosswalks don’t protect bicyclists riding their bicycles, but only protect them if they are walking their bicycle. I gave the motorist the finger. He gave me the finger back. I spoke loud about what he did to his mother. I pointed repeatedly at the pedestrian crosswalk signs – plural. Finally, he surrendered, albeit not happily. I seriously doubt the incident with the illegal immigrant would have happened, if Key West motorists honored marked pedestrian crosswalks. in fact, Key West motorists routinely blow through marked crosswalks with pedestrians and bicyclists standing in plain view trying to cross. That’s what this article is about as far as I’m concerned. All the rest would never happened, if that woman motorist was paying attention, was law abiding, was courteous. Sadly, she is Key West. Perhaps the solution is to outlaw pedestrians and bicycles in Key West, get rid of the crosswalks.

  7. Sadly this will likely never go to trial because he either is already deported or soon will be. It would be a tough case for a jury as too many issues are unclear.
    1. did she use her turn signal ? If so then maybe he would had a warning.
    2. her speed could play a part in this.
    3. did he stop before he crossed ? From seeing people on bikes he likely never even slowed down.

    Tampa had such a major issue on Fowler of students crossing that they installed flashing red light and the the walker press a button and that stops traffic.

    As to her insurance they will not pay unless a judge finds her at fault. With him being cited and not her the chances are he will be found guilty.

    Perhaps if the man could told his side of the story the end result might changed to both cited or neither one.

    From the picture it looks like she steered to the right to avoid hitting him.

    Most of the blame should fall on the DOT as they created a very poorly designed crosswalk and in a bad location. Am sure neither of them wanted the accident.

    She did make the statement that maybe she should have stopped. Right or wrong I would have yielded to him. The fact that he almost made it does suggest he was in in the crosswalk but leaves his speed at question too. If he darted as the cop cited him then he was at fault. Was she at any fault we simply do not know.

    As to him being deported that is the risk they take. Only good part is he was not killed. We must start cracking down on illegals as they are part of the low wage problem. Did notice a couple weeks ago a very high amount of help wanted signs on windows.

  8. I dropped this comment today into the KWPD Facebook thread and 2 blue paper threads on same incident:

    Naja Girard, co-publisher of Key West the Newspaper (thebluepaper.com) , which broke this story, but when it went viral, the other news media using it did not mention the blue paper as being the reason for the story ( the Key West Citizen and the Keynoter have yet to run the story) told me about this conversation thread and a similar one at Key West the Newspaper’s Facebook page.

    I checked out both threads.

    I called Naja and told her what this looks like to me is Donald Trump supporters, white trash, against everyone else. What this looks like to me is a fair presentation of the American people.

    I said, what Trump actually is he himself produced in 10 seconds at the NATO conference. This link opens the video of what he produced.


    in 10 seconds Donald Trump shows the world what he really is

    Not only is this the true Trump, it is his rabid supporters.

    Do not take heart Democrats who backed Hillary Clinton. She was as bad as Trump. If you Democrats all had backed Bernie Sanders, he would be America’s president now. Instead, America fielded two terrible candidates in 2016. Take heart, there are worse candidates waiting in the wings.

    I’d wager the conch farm that the illegal immigrant bicyclist is far more spiritually developed than Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the people who backed them.

    On top of that, he was used by God to show Key West just how big a joke its “One Human Family” official creed really is.

    He also was used to show just how little regard Key West motorists have for pedestrian crosswalks. Key West should pass an ordinance making it illegal to walk or ride a bicycle.

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